All About Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets | The Benefits of Different Color Kitchen Cabinets | Tips for Choosing the Right Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

All About Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

The latest and trending fashion in the kitchen nowadays is two tone kitchen cabinets. As the term two tone means in kitchen you will be using two or more than that number of colors to the different cabinets present in your kitchen.

If at this moment it is considered you can be can, sure enough, this style is quite trendy. You can make the cabinets off-white or creamy white colored combined with ocean blue, baggy green, wooden brown, black or you can go with real wood instead.

Due to this trend, you will be able to use many previously unused color options that individually if used will not look good for your kitchen. Many exciting and eye soothing options gets opened up for you in this category.

You can be pretty sure that this kitchen trend is quite marvelous. Previously if you think, you have never seen anyone use deep colors like deep ocean blue or deep blue as their only main kitchen color.

While if you provide this deep color for your island by giving a combination with off-white or cream colored cabinets then it will look just fabulous.

Conventionally kitchens were designed by using a matching cabinetry. The top and bottom cabinets will be same colored also having similar color to the island. The hardware and other attachments will be having similar color.

This new trend has totally ridden of the previously used styling ideas. The refreshing idea about this trend is just the variety of options which comes to your hand which enables you different styling.

Have you ever thought of this idea, i.e., the application of flat facing stained wooden island along with whitish colored cabinetry. Previously not done but nowadays in the modern era of trend this thing is a trend and also looks quite marvelous.

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The Benefits of Different Color Kitchen Cabinets

The Benefits of Different Color Kitchen Cabinets

  1. In the old times matching kitchen cabinets of same style were used. In that case cabinets became pale and were not noticeable. Bold colors were totally ignored and no variations were introduced to the main designing theme.
  2. While if that time you would want some uniqueness or extra style then with the help of paints, backsplash or even colored wallpapers could have been used.
  3. Nowadays designers have seen that the usage of two cabinet color is a fantastic way of making an impact with the inclusion of bolder colors and variations to the design.
  4. What are the things in two toned kitchen cabinets that make it such a fabulous choice?
  5. Good Looks
  6. If you want your kitchen to look good you need to introduce two tone cabinets concept, by using the same old pale neutral color you will not be able to receive the look you are looking for.
  7. If anyone likes just whitish color and some sorts of marble for your kitchen then you should think where will the contrast come from in your kitchen. To achieve so you can add some artwork or plants while it can be done with any kinds of design.
  8. If you make an addition of unique colored island then it will give your kitchen a very bolder look.
  9. This type of design will allow you to do some additional creativity and make your innovative ideas to work. Many of our old traditioned people will not be accustomed with this idea of making different colors that is the fact due to which multi colored cabinets make such good impact in the view.
  10. With the usage of these two toned kitchen cabinets there is a good chance of elevation of your kitchen looks and there is a chance to vary your kitchen look from others.
  11. The usage of shaker styled top cabinet and bottom cabinet along with a combination of flat faced kitchen island is used by many clients for their kitchen.
  12. This idea works well since we are using two toned colors without its usage, I do not think it looks good.
  13. Increase Value of the House While Resale
  14. At this moment the usage of two toned kitchen cabinet is a very trendy feature, so with the usage of this style you will surely be eye catching for your kitchen.
  15. This modern looking style is the new trend now.
  16. Home buyers looks many homes before buying one for them, so if you apply this style to your kitchen then it will be a differentiating factor for you. It is also a cost effective way for you.
  17. A Small Kitchen can be Made Feel Larger
  18. With the usage of different color cabinets, you can easily make a small kitchen look a bit larger. With this an illusion of more space and height is created with its usage it is similar to that which is created with the usage of larger tiles in a small bathroom.
  19. Square footage is not the only big thing about a smart kitchen.
  20. Due to poor design a small kitchen might feel cramped to you or it can be opposite if properly designed. With the usage of white colored cabinets on the top along with dark cabinets at the below then it will easily be eye catching for anyone.
  21. This will make you think that the ceiling height is higher than its actual height.
  22. Since in general we have the windows at a typically higher height the usage of lighter colors on the top along with darker color at the bottom cabinets or darker island makes your space brighter.
  23. Brighter space will make you feel more inviting and give more open space.
  24. You will surely not want an enclosed and darkish space for your kitchen.
  25. Save Your Money
  26. By the usage of two toned kitchen cabinet, you will easily save a lot of money. If you force yourself in buying small cabinets it will make you waste a lot of money since it becomes expensive sometimes.
  27. While if you buy a separate island of different color and style then it will be a much better deal for you. Many of the times you will see your required islands are on sale.Many times, the problem is that it will not match your cabinets present.
  28. In the earlier times this was a problematic situation but not now.
  29. While having white cabinets in your kitchen if you want a replacement of your island and want it does not hit your pocket then two toned cabinets are a savior, as you do not need to change everything just a new island will do the work.
  30. It is not a problem if it does not match your cabinets, therefore you will be able to buy island having a great deal.
  31. Same logic goes for both bottom and top cabinets, if you want to change anything there is no need to change everything just change the thing that is required. Many beautiful options are also present in the market that fits very soothingly in the colour scheme of your kitchen.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Tips for Choosing the Right Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Few things are too kept in mind before implementing and choosing color for two toned kitchen cabinets for your kitchen.

A Focal Point Is to Be Chosen by You

A Focal Point Is to Be Chosen by You

The first and foremost work to be done before choosing your color is the identification your kitchen’s focal point. Like if you choose your focal point to be the island then it should be easily visible. You must use deep color like ocean blue or deep green for your focal point.

Having white colored cabinets along with white backsplash and marble counters any color to be used by you will be perfectly matching and easily stand out.

Island will surely be an obvious choice for the focal region. Some other option if you think can be some cabinets in your kitchen which has a different design and completely separated from others.

Having all cabinets to be connected will not be giving a great look to your kitchen. Having some of the cabinets disconnected and separate from other will give a great look.

Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the Right Color

It is not an easy job to choose two colors at a time that will match with all other things present in your kitchen. Choosing one color only for the cabinet is very difficult job so choosing two colors can be much more tiring job.

If you see other kitchens which are already done then it will be good for you. If you look at other jobs done then you will get an idea and also will not do the mistakes which are if present in others kitchen.

You can also use inspiration pictures for choosing the color and designing. It is generally known as look book.

In a kitchen if some portion of it is given a bold look, then it will give a superb look to your kitchen.Generally, with the trend of using white or grey color nowadays being used.

In all cases this thing is not just the only option for you, some also like using natural wood as an option without the use of any use of any type of color to it. No second color is also used just a difference is made with the island and the textures of the wood used at different places.

Any kind of changes or variations easily creates a contrast. One thing should be kept in mind that the lighter color used by you will be acting as the accent color. The deep color used will be the focal point and draw all the attention.

Usage of Deep Colored Base Cabinets

Usage of Deep Colored Base Cabinets

The best and most used option while using two toned kitchen cabinet is the usage of dark colored cabinets at the top along with light colored top.

With the addition of deep colored bottom cabinets then it will add your kitchen proper definition, detailing and contrast to the kitchen. With the usage of deep colored backsplash and counterpart some contrast can also be added.

Nowadays for everything white or grey color are being used, also marble is being used so this thing altogether used will look flat. If everything has a same tone in them bringing contrast will be difficult.

It is not such that it is not possible but it will be difficult. While using two dissimilar colors for your kitchen cabinets it will show you a clear separation and it will become eye catchy for your kitchen.

When everything in the kitchen will have unique look, it will easily make all things like design, top, base, counter, and backsplash to stand out. It should be avoided to use dark colored cabinets on the top because it will give larger look and it also looks very strange. Sometimes it is tried but never ever good results were received.

Importance Should be Given to The Details

Importance Should be Given to The Details

The presence of an element in order to bring the two or more colors chosen by you together must be given proper importance by you.

In many of the designs it will lead to the fact of usage of colors that are in some way has a common relation in them. Such as if an example is taken you will understand, usage of light brown having a pair with rusty brown or lime green paired with deep green and so on.

Presence of any kind of relationship between the two is very much important for your kitchen. In cases where totally different colors are used for the bottom and top of your kitchen then you can bring a relation between them with the usage of proper colored hardware.

It is always recommended by the designers to use matching hardware with the color used for the kitchen. This process unifies the kitchen. The main problem for it is the finding of proper matching hardware with the two colors.

Matching hardware for one color is very difficult so for two colors it becomes much more difficult. While if that is found the result you will get will be worth the effort.

Often different hardware or small sized cabinets are also used. This is done mainly when the main cabinets have been doing all the work of making your kitchen look good.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Are Painted Cabinets Cheaper Than Stained?

Painted cabinets typically cost more than stained cabinets. By how much? It depends on the colour, but you can expect painted cabinets to cost roughly 10-15% more than stained cabinets. Take a paint-grade wood like birch, for instance.

What Color Cabinets Never Go Out of Style?

What Color Cabinets Never Go Out of Style?

  • Bright White. Bright white cabinetry has been a trend of late and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Natural Tones. Natural tones can be a great choice, as they introduce elements of nature into your space.
  • Navy Blue.
  • Pastel Pink.
  • Two-Tone.

Are Two Tone Kitchens Timeless?

Two-tone cabinets have become a timeless trend in design. A design which really lends itself to a multi-dimensional vision that doesn’t limit client preferences to just one cabinet finish. There are many ways to incorporate this timeless trend into your kitchen design.

Do Upper and Lower Cabinets Have to Match?

Upper and base cabinets can match if you want them to. However, if you want to add variation to your space, ​​they don’t have to match. It’s all about the appearance and mood you would like to achieve.

Are 2 Color Kitchen Cabinets Still in Style?

Two-toned cabinets are timeless and will not likely go out of style in the new year. It denotes any type of kitchen space with two different tints, and a combination takes several forms. Two-toned kitchen cabinets are more than just a passing trend. With the appropriate colors, two-tone cabinets can be timeless.

What Color Hardware Looks Best with Oak Cabinets?

Update Hardware and Fixtures
Look for warm metals like bronze, copper, gold, and brass. They’ll look stunning against the warmth of your oak cabinets. Cold metals like chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickel are fine, but they may fall a little flat.

What Is the Most Popular Cabinet Color for Kitchens?

For several decades, in fact, white has been the leading cabinet color in kitchen cabinet trends. As the most popular shade for cabinetry then, it’s a good option for many styles of kitchens. It certainly fits well with a simple, straightforward design choice that won’t go out of style.

Should Cabinets Be Lighter or Darker Than Countertops?

Experts recommend working with a lighter countertop than a cabinet for the perfect color blend. This combination makes the countertop installation job ideal for the ultimate kitchen outlook. E&B Granite is your trusted go-to custom countertop fabrication and installation expert.

Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Lighter or Darker Than Walls?

White or light-coloured kitchen cabinets look good with any paint on the walls, counter or backsplash. The lighter colour on cabinets works well with a modern, traditional, or contemporary look. In case you want to update your kitchen look frequently, then it is a lot easier if you have a lighter colour scheme.

What Is the Most Popular White for Cabinets?

1. Benjamin Moore – Simply White. Simply white is such a popular color for a reason. It’s a fresh and basic white that’s perfect for both kitchen cabinets as well as for ceilings, trim, and walls.

Does Painting Cabinets Increase Home Value?

Kitchens help sell a home. Take a good look at your kitchen. If your cabinets are looking tired, repainting them is typically a small investment toward adding overall value, especially in a competitive, upscale market like Northern Virginia. We suggest consulting with a realtor if you are thinking of listing your home.

Are Painted Cabinets Cheaper Than Stained?

Painted cabinets typically cost more than stained cabinets. By how much? It depends on the colour, but you can expect painted cabinets to cost roughly 10-15% more than stained cabinets. Take a paint-grade wood like birch, for instance.

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