All About Color Garage Door Ideas for Red Brick | What Color Garage Door Goes Best With Red Brick

All About Color Garage Door Ideas for Red Brick

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What Color Garage Door Goes Best with Red Brick?

What Color Garage Door Goes Best with Red Brick

Brick houses often have a red brick exterior since it is the most popular option. Most red bricks include a diverse range of tiny color specks inside the brick itself. It is vital to bear in mind that the color red may range from very light to very dark.

Some red bricks have brilliant red color, whereas others are much darker and have much less red. Even the majority of them are not a fully solid red; if they were, they would give the appearance of having been painted.

Because there are so many different options, selecting the ideal color for a garage door may be challenging. When choosing a color that goes well with red brick, here are a few additional expert ideas we employ.

What Are the Best Garage Door Colors for a Red Brick House?

What Are the Best Garage Door Colors for a Red Brick House

It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is; the garage door still has to look nice. Gray, white, green, black, and blue garage doors seemed to be the most complementary to red brick homes among the houses we visited; these colors were also the most common.

Even though red brick has a traditional appearance, updating it with a hue like black or grey may give it a more contemporary and modern feel.

If you want your house to have an eclectic style, the garage door should be painted a color like green or blue. On the other hand, if you want to keep things straightforward, brilliant white is a color that will always make an impression.



To begin, this contemporary concept for a grey garage door looks fantastic when paired with red brick. In general, lighter shades of grey tend to exude a more modern and friendly vibe, and they won’t seem too harsh when juxtaposed with your colorful home. The color grey is fashionable now, and it’s also straightforward to access and design around.

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The following example is a garage door that has brilliant white color and is an excellent match for a home that is made of red brick.

White is a beautiful color for curb appeal because it seems clean and bright, even though it is not an especially rare hue. If you’re not into the grey aesthetic, white is an excellent compromise color that is also the industry standard in home design.



Alternating things, we have a suggestion for a green garage door for anybody who wants a difference from the norm. Even while green isn’t the first color that comes to mind, it complements the red brick and gives off a more natural vibe.

We are particularly fond of this home’s use of a muted, almost camouflage-like hue, and we think that it does not detract from the overall look.



Anyone wanting to add some drama to the outside of their property should consider this suggestion for a black garage door. In most cases, black is simple to work with and has a classic appearance, both qualities we value.

However, this hue may be worn either way when it comes to having a contemporary appearance; thus, if you like a darker impression, you should go for it.



Finally, we have a suggestion for a garage door that is our favorite, which is a dark blue color. When it comes to color combinations that work well together, blue and red bricks are a natural match for one another.

However, we recommend a dark blue comparable to the one seen here if you want your house to have a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Adding a striking contrast to your house may be as simple as getting black garage doors, which are popular. Regarding garage doors, it’s better to go with black for residences in the same family color as grey and white.

Even though your color plan is designed to contrast the color of your property, you should still avoid colors that may conflict with one another. For instance, if you have a tan and greenhouse, you probably don’t want to install a black garage door on the house.

Selecting a Garage Door Color for Brick and Stone Houses

Selecting a Garage Door Color for Brick and Stone Houses

It is advised that homeowners of brick and stone homes choose garage door colors from among the more neutral color palettes when making their selections.

Because stone and brick homes already have a great deal of texture and color on their own, the finest overhead door for such a home will highlight the natural beauty of the building materials.

If you want to avoid creating a sharp contrast between the natural beauty of the brick or stone, some good neutral colors to consider are cream, light grey, and white.

Color Theory for Garage Doors

Color Theory for Garage Doors

Making use of a color wheel might be of assistance to you in determining what color of garage door would look best on your home. It is essential to consider the many color schemes to choose the one that will work best for your overhead door.

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Complementary Colors for Garage Doors

Complementary Colors for Garage Doors

On the color wheel, complementary colors are those directly across from one another. Because they tend to be bright colors, you may not come across them as often as you might expect on garage doors.

Yellow and purple, red and green, and blue and orange are examples of hues complementing one another. There are probably not that many individuals seeking a garage door in purple.

If, on the other hand, you want to make a statement with complementing colors for your door, you may want to try an orange splash of color for a garage door on a light blue house or a mossy shade of green for a door on a red home. Both of these color combinations would look great.

Monochromatic Colors for Garage Doors

Monochromatic Colors for Garage Doors

The term “monochromatic” refers to colors that are all variations of the same pigment. Pink and red, for instance, are examples of monochromatic hues.

Another choice may be pretty daring, depending on your shade; nonetheless, monochromatic color schemes look fantastic when applied to a house.

A home that is light blue may have a garage door that is a dark navy blue, for instance. Additionally, you may have monochromatic tones of neutral colors, such as various tints of beige or white.

Neutral Colors for Garage Doors

Neutral Colors for Garage Doors

The black, grey, white, beige, and brown hues are considered neutral. Because they can be painted to match almost any color scheme, garage doors are the most common application for their usage.

White may be used to complement any color scheme, but the brightness of it may make it seem out of place in your house.

If you decide to go with this hue for your garage door, you may want to consider toning down the brightness of the space by using other shades of white, such as cream or off-white.

Analogous Colors for Garage Doors

Analogous Colors for Garage Doors

On the color wheel, similar hues are situated next to one another; for example, blue, blue-green, and green are next to one another.

Because it may be difficult for you to differentiate between the colors, working with this color scheme may be more challenging than working with other color schemes.

The use of analogous color schemes may also bring an excessive number of distinct tones into your house, giving the impression that the design of your garage door is not an integrated component of the whole.

How to Make Your Garage Door Color and Brick Blend In?

How to Make Your Garage Door Color and Brick Blend In

Brick houses often have a red brick exterior since it is the most popular option. Most red bricks include a diverse range of tiny color specks inside the brick itself.

It is essential to bear in mind that the color red may range from very light to very dark. Some red bricks have a brilliant red color, whereas others are much darker and have much less red.

Even the majority of them are not a fully solid red; if they were, they would give the appearance of having been painted.

Because there are so many different options, selecting the ideal color for a garage door may be challenging. When choosing a color that goes well with red brick, here are a few additional expert ideas we employ.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the color of your garage door complements the overall hue and texture of the brick. This is the color you perceive while standing at the curb; it is not the color that is visible in the little specks when you examine it closely.

If you already have accent elements like planters, flowers, or trim, try to find tiny dots of the same hue to match them. The combination of brown garage doors with red brick dwellings is a tried-and-true color scheme.

The most popular color choices are neutral tones, such as white, beige, and grey, which also look very well. A striking contrast may be achieved with black garage doors.

When used with red brick, colors that are muted or almost grey, such as blues and greens, look fantastic and can give contrast with a little bit more color.

When trying to match colors to the brick, you should always consider the colors of the other parts of the home, such as the front door, siding, trim, and shutters.

Because the whole house is visible from the street, not just its separate parts, the aesthetic of the entire structure must be cohesively pleasing.

How to Make Your Garage Door Color and Brick Stand Out?

How to Make Your Garage Door Color and Brick Stand Out

Hello, and thank you for visiting our comprehensive garage door color choices reference. “Details make a home,” as the old saying goes.

The overall appearance of a house is comprised of a variety of components, each of which plays a role in enhancing the aesthetic value of the building’s skin and the neighborhood.

In the same vein, every house element, including the garage doors, is of the same significance to the others, regardless of their specific function.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the importance of garage door colors and provide photographs of garage doors in various standard color options to assist you in selecting the best one for your house.

It is common knowledge that the garage door is one of the most noticeable aspects of a house. A home’s foyer, often the most prominent entryway, may take up over a third of the dwelling.

It is a visible element that requires significant consideration and attention in design, even though it is usually disregarded. It has a considerable influence on the home’s curb appeal, which adds to the property’s overall marketability and value and is an essential component of the home’s outside look.

The design of your garage door is essential, as the color you choose for it may have a variety of effects on the personality of your house.

For example, it boosts curb appeal, displays your unique individuality, and gives your home the potential to stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood.

Because of this, we need to carefully consider our choices when selecting the appropriate color for a garage door. The beauty of a house may be improved by selecting the appropriate paint color.

The entire value of a property may be affected, either favorably or adversely, by the color palettes used. One may tailor the appearance of their house by selecting from a broad array of garage door color choices, in addition to the many other types of materials and finishes available.

Specific color schemes for garage doors are designed to look well with certain types of architecture, while others are intended to create contrast and offer an intriguing aesthetic element.

Sand, ice white, clay stone, taupe, beige, brown, charcoal grey, soft grey, black, dark green, and blue are the colours that are used most often for garage doors.

Other prevalent colors include beige and brown. The popular options are white, cool grey, black, beige, and walnut brown. The last option is neutral. Various other bespoke colors are available on the market, including purple, red, orange, and yellow.

In this piece, we will help you explore numerous garage door color choices and provide advice on matching them with various types of exteriors.

Before hiring a contractor or buying materials, you may use one of the many garage door software packages available to assist you in visualising your ideas for the project.

Then, continue reading, and we will help you decide on the most suitable colour for the garage door of your house.

What Kind of Bricks Do You Have?

What Kind of Bricks Do You Have

Exposed brick walls are frequently regarded as extremely desired for apartments, restaurants, and businesses, and outside brick facades may make a building or house seem warmer and more welcoming.

As a result, brick is one of the most common materials architects choose when designing with a vintage or rustic look. However, the colour and cut of the brick may have a significant impact on the ambience that it gives off.

White brick, for example, lends itself to more minimalist designs, while tan brick tends to seem more earthy and rustic.

This article will discuss some of the most common colours used for bricks, methods for colouring bricks artificially and current designs that make excellent use of brick facades or inside brick parts.

Red bricks are the most traditional hue of brick, and the colour red is often linked to older or more conventional architectural forms, such as the colonial style that is popular in the United States.

Therefore, it may be utilised to produce a vintage or historical aesthetic, or it can be used to adapt a newly constructed structure to the personality of an older area.

For instance, William Morris and Philip Webb’s Red House, which was built in 1860, was designed to resemble buildings from the Middle Ages.

In contrast to the trendy stucco finishes of the day, the outside of the Red House was constructed using traditional red brick. Because the Arts & Crafts movement emphasised historical vernacular building and everyday materials, the use of red brick was essential.

In the same vein, the Melbourne Vernacular Project by Altereco Design makes a direct reference to an earlier building by reusing the original red brick pavement that was removed from a worker’s cottage that was built one hundred years ago as part of the building’s contemporary makeover.

The wall made of red brick helps maintain the project’s rustic beauty while also contributing to its sustainability via its reusability and thermal properties.

More current examples include DAAL’s YONG Building in South Korea, which mixes a modern design with a red brick façade to reflect the characteristic red brick architecture of the region. This building is an example of a more contemporary model.

Similarly, the Saint Peter House by Proyecto Cafena and Estudio Tecalli use local brickmakers to build an exterior comprised of textured red brick.

Last but not least, the use of a conventional red brick front by the UAD’s Shuyang Art Gallery softens the otherwise cutting-edge modern architecture of the building.

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Tan or Brown in Hue

Tan or Brown in Hue

In terms of frequency of occurrence and range of applications, tan and brown bricks are strikingly comparable to red bricks. In addition, bricks often come in various colour combinations, including red, tan, and brown.

Tan and brown bricks, on the other hand, have less of a tendency to have solid historical connotations and more of a tendency to keep a timeless, earthy, natural aesthetic. Therefore, it is a significant difference between them and visibly red bricks.

Bricks are generally red; however, HGE Architects wanted the outside of their Bricks House to match the colour of the surrounding terrain, so they ordered brown bricks instead of the more common red ones.

Similarly, the outside of Estudio Rafael Freyre’s House in Azpitia is made of bricks that are a dusty tan tint to mirror the colours of the arid Peruvian highlands.

However, to express a sense of comfort and balance and to allow for qualitative ageing, the architects of the HVM House decided to utilise brown as an intermediate colour brick.

White White brick, which may have a feeling that is both cleaner and more contemporary than typical red or brown brick, is a frequent option for businesses, restaurants, and apartments that are going for a style that is both fashionable and vintage at the same time.

For instance, Biasol: Design Studio’s Lucky Penny coffee shop creates the atmosphere of a venue inspired by vintage Scandinavia by combining white brick walls, blonde wood flooring, industrial lighting, and plants.

It results in the forum having the feel of a vintage Scandinavian-inspired venue. Likewise, white brick walls, teal tiles, and pink neon lighting give the Greenwich Village Junzi Kitchen a similar retro-chic vibe. It is accomplished through the design of the restaurant’s interior.

How To Match A Color With Red Brick? (with tips)

How To Match A Color With Red Brick (with tips)

You are crazy about the classic appearance of your red brick home. But you’re ready for a change regarding the colour of your siding or trim around the house.

You need to think about a few things before you go out and buy a bunch of paint samples for your home, including the style of your roof, driveway, mailbox, and the house as a whole.

Do not be concerned; we have a few ideas that will inspire you and some expert advice to help you add the ideal dash of colour to your brick house.

A Grayish Colour with a Few Blue Hues

A Grayish Colour with a Few Blue Hues


Gray is an excellent neutral hue that may let your red brick stand out when used in combination with it. To create a balance between the red and the greyish-blue, go for a greyish-blue rather than a grey with tan overtones.

Shades of dark blue The colour dark blue is an attractive option to mix with your red brick. However, the conventional colour wheel does not connect them.

Red and this hue naturally have an affinity for one another. So when picking the paint colour for your room, try to adhere to a deeper blue rather than a royal or azure blue. The mix of dark blue siding with red brick and white trim creates a stunning appearance.

Green That Has Hints of Grey or Blue Within It

Green That Has Hints of Grey or Blue Within It

The colour green and the colour red go hand in hand, like holly and berries. However, there are a few different hues of green that, when used for your siding, will look the most attractive next to your brick.

The colour Sage is a greyish green that resembles the hue of dried sage leaves. You got it! Sage is named after the herb. Sage tones, both light and dark, go well with red brick, and, once again, trim in a creamy hue might be a beautiful accent colour to use.

Dark Teal

Dark Teal

Your brick will be more noticeable if it is painted a shade of dark blue-green rather than a brilliant teal since the warm hue of the brick contrasts with the brick’s chilly tint. This blue-green colour looks well with white shutters and trim and black, and it looks great with grey roof shingles.

Warm Beige

Warm Beige

Because of the similarity in their warm colour tones, several shades of beige, ranging from deeper taupes to lighter tans, are complementary to red brick. Installing black shutters may achieve a sharper appearance that genuinely makes your windows stand out.

The Bare Minimum in Black and White

The Bare Minimum in Black and White

Even while black and white might often seem intense against a red brick exterior, a dramatic impression can still be achieved using these colours.

As a result, a house with black siding may have a highly contemporary appearance. Still, a home with white siding and red brick can have an ageless appearance that has been popular in the United States of America since the Colonial period.

Top Garage Door Colors With Brick Houses

Top Garage Door Colors With Brick Houses

We are here to guide you through selecting a colour for your garage door that will look wonderful in conjunction with the kind of brick on your house.

Garage Doors That Work in Harmony

Garage Doors That Work in Harmony

There is no such thing as a brick that is entirely one colour; red bricks, for example, are often a mixture of various degrees of red, brown, and tan, and they may even include specks of other colours.

It is a common practice among homeowners to try to harmonise the appearance of their garage door with the rest of the home’s exterior by selecting a paint colour that goes well with the brick’s natural tones.

If you want your house to seem like it has more space, try matching the colour of your garage door to the rest of the outside of your home.

If you want to bring more attention to the front door or any other architectural element of your house, having garage doors that are in harmony with those features might be another option.

Browns and beiges, along with other hues found in brick, such as browns, greys, or reds, are typically used as part of the colour palette for garage doors designed to create harmony.

Garage Doors That Stand in Contrast

Garage Doors That Stand in Contrast

Green, purple, blue, white, and black were some of the most popular choices for the contrasting garage door colours for brick houses. These vibrant, colder hues contrast the warm and rich tones in red brick houses and work exceptionally well with those tones.

If you choose a colour that stands out from the rest of the home’s exterior, you should be sure to paint the trim in a neutral colour to distinguish it from the garage door.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Doors

When it all comes down, a brick house with a garage door that has been stained to seem like wood is almost impossible to mess up.

It is possible to get a traditional appearance for your house with this material, which is compatible with various brick hues.

Wooden garage doors are also available in many designs and types, making it possible to choose one that complements the architectural style of your house.

Make it a point to locate a stain colour that either harmonises or stands out beautifully against the brick already in your home.

Top Garage Doors with Brick Houses

Top Garage Doors with Brick Houses

Red bricks have been a staple for traditional and colonial houses for a long time, and their rich, warm textures can certainly spruce up the exterior. However, a garage door can modernize your home and transform its look.

A red brick house is highly versatile and will pair well with various garage door paint colours from the colour wheel to curate a look of your choice.

Which Hues Go Best with a Red Brick Backdrop?

Which Hues Go Best with a Red Brick Backdrop

Consider pairing one of the following exterior paint colours with a red, orange, neutral, or white brick if you find yourself at a loss for what to do.

Sage green and taupe: Because red and green are complimentary hues, the exterior paint colours of sage green and taupe go nicely with houses constructed of red brick.

Should the Garage Door Be Brighter or Darker?

Should the Garage Door Be Brighter or Darker

Either pick a white garage door or choose a colour that is the same as the primary colour in the area. It is the general guideline. Your home will seem more significant if the garage door is painted the same colour as the rest of the house, and guests will be able to focus more on other property features.

Should the Colour of the Garage Door Match the House or the Trim?

Should the Colour of the Garage Door Match the House or the Trim

A good rule of thumb is to choose a colour already in your home and match the door to that colour. You may accomplish this by taking a paint chip from the house.

For instance, you may paint the white trim on your windows, doors, and gutters white if you already have a white frame in those areas. You could paint your fascia, eaves, and trim grey if you already have grey on those surfaces.

What Colour Is the Garage Door Most Often Seen These Days?

What Colour Is the Garage Door Most Often Seen These Days

The overwhelming majority of people choose to paint their garage doors white. However, if you were to drive about and look at different garage doors, you would notice that most have a clean and shiny appearance. A white garage door shows dirt and dust more readily than other colours is one of its few drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

What Color Garage Door Goes with Red Brick House?

Favorite contrasting garage door colors for brick homes included green, purple, blue, white, and black. Especially for red brick homes, these bold, cooler colors contrast nicely with the warm and rich tones in the brick.

What Color Door Goes Well with Red Brick?

White – a classic front door color for red brick house, it will never go out of style. Almond – if you want a light colored front door but white isn’t your style, try this beautiful off-white. Black – very on-trend entry door color choice that looks beautiful with gold or brass hardware.

What Color to Paint Garage Door on Brick House?

Use a soft neutral: Instead of stark black or white, consider a softer contrast for a neutral garage door on a brick home. Cream, taupe and light gray coordinate with the natural lighter tones found in your exterior.

Should Your Garage Door Be the Same Colour as Your Front Door?

Most home decor experts agree that, as a general rule, the garage door should match the front door, especially if they both face the street. Matching doors have a way of tying the exterior together, which enhances the home’s visual presentation.

Best Color for Garage Door

Top color choices include White, Soft Gray, Black/Dark Gray, Beige/Taupe and Walnut Brown. White – As Sarah mentioned, white is a crisp classic. By far the most popular color for garage doors, a vivid white is sure to add some curb appeal.

What Color Door Increases Home Value?

Research from Zillow® finds that homes with slate blue or black front doors appeal to more recent and prospective buyers and could sell for a higher price. Conversely, pale pink and cement gray front doors could negatively impact a home’s value.

Should Garage Door Color Match House or Trim?

It is generally a better idea to paint your garage door the same color as your siding or leave it white. If the garage and front doors both face the street, consider painting them the same color to unify your exterior color scheme.

Should Garage Be Same Color as House?

In most cases, it is not advisable to paint your garage a color that is different from the other paint colors on the exterior of the home. If you choose to paint your garage in an unusual color, you may break up the continuity of your home’s exterior.

What Are the Popular Front Door Colors for 2022?

‘You can also add depth to your home by matching your black door with a variety of siding shades such as tan, red, blue and green. ‘Other popular front door colors for 2022 include royal blue and two green hues, hunter green and sage green,’ she continues.

How to Choose Garage Door Color?

The general rule is to either select a garage door the same color as the dominant color or choose white. A garage door the same color as your house will make the home look bigger and allow visitors to notice other aspects of your home.

What Color Garage Door Goes with Brick?

In most cases, white garage doors will work with brick homes. If you have white painted brick or a very pale exterior, it might not be the best option (depending on the trim and other accent colors), but as a rule of thumb, it is a classic and safe choice for most kinds of brick.

4 Types of Bricks

Sun-dried bricks. Also known as unburnt bricks, these types of bricks are mostly used for decorative purposes because they are the weakest.

Burnt bricks. These bricks are divided into four categories:

  • Concrete bricks.
  • Lime bricks.
  • Engineering bricks.
  • Fly ash bricks.

Types of Bricks for Houses

  • Burnt Clay Bricks. Burnt clay bricks are also known as common bricks because they are the most abundant brick type in modern construction
  • Sun-Dried Clay Bricks.
  • Concrete Bricks.
  • Engineering Bricks.
  • Sand Lime Bricks.
  • Fly Ash Bricks.
  • Firebricks.

How Many Types of Bricks?

There are three main types of bricks – facing bricks, engineering bricks and common bricks.

What Does Hue Mean in Color?

Hue literally means colour. When it is used in a colour name, it indicates that a modern pigment has been used instead of the traditional one. For example, Cadmium Red Pale Hue is a “colour of cadmium red pale”.

What Color Looks Good with Red Brick?

The more EARTHY the color, the better it is! For instance, bronze, creamy white, taupe, beige, teal blue, greige, tan, sage green, and black would wonderfully compliment the red brick house. Lastly, always experiment with paint swatches before finalizing the best brick paint color.

Best Blue Green Paint Colors for Dark Rooms

If you have a really dark room, the best options for your blue green walls are going to be ones that have an LRV of higher than 70. Again, they won’t brighten the space up, but they won’t contribute to the darkness either. So, the best blue green paint colors for dark rooms are going to be Healing Aloe or Sea Salt.

What Is Grayish Green Color Called?

The color “xanadu” is a greenish-gray color whose name is derived from the Philodendron.

What Colors Go Well with Brick?

  • Red with Red. Pair those dusty red bricks with a vibrant touch of red paint.
  • Soft Greens and Mint. The cooling color of pastel mint will brighten up the earthy tones of the exposed brick.
  • Neutral Tan.
  • Trendy Orange.
  • Classic White.

What Is the Most Popular Garage Door Style?

Sectional. A sectional door consists of horizontal panels connected by hinges and fitted with rollers that run along two parallel tracks. It’s easily the most popular style of door you’ll see in residential neighborhoods.

Should I Paint My Garage Door the Same Color as My Trim?

Painting it the same colour as the trim will make it more dominant. Painting it the colour of the window frames and gutters will make it an accent. Dark colours tend to recede and lighter colours tend to stand out. One rule of thumb is to take a colour that is already on your house and match the door to that colour.

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