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All About Hidden Deck Fasteners

Best Hidden Deck Fasteners

Best Hidden Deck Fasteners

The deck boards the hidden deck fasteners secure from beneath the surface, creating a clean look that’s smooth as the hardwood flooring. And the hidden deck fasteners used can be with composite, ipe, vinyl, cedar, and any other decking material you want.

Because they are strong as screws but provide a finish, fastening hidden systems are superior to traditional deck fastening methods.

The hottest to install one is with a seamless, hidden-fastener look. The method is fine perfectly for the quality, but it can be if the installer is careful.

The most popular outdoor is the well-designed deck among amenity homeowners, and one of the installed ones is with the seamless hottest ways to the hidden-fastener look.

The best-hidden deck fasteners are secure on the deck boards with the clip that slides into the groove in the side of the boards.

The solid deck edges board to yourself a slot that accepts hidden deck fasteners. The hidden fasteners you went to use by the manufacturer are compatible with your choice of decking with boards before that order.

The most popular hidden fastener with comments, reviews, and tips.

  1. The Trex Hideaway Hidden Deck Fasteners
  2. Eb-Ty Premium Hidden Deck Fastening System
  3. Cortex-Hidden Deck Fasteners
  4. Camo Has Hidden Deck Fasteners
  5. Timbertech Concealed Hidden Fasteners
  6. Tigerclaw Tc-G Has Hidden Deck Fasteners
  7. Concealer Has Hidden Deck Fasteners
  8. Ipe Has Hidden Deck Fasteners

1. The Trex Hideaway Hidden Deck Fasteners:

The deck boards are fastened to the joist, and the visible deck screw heads are on the walking surface. The precision also creates a consistent spacing perfectly of the deck boards, fastening to them the joists with no deck visible screw heads on the walking surface.

The Trex offers a complete, easy-to-install remote fastener system for the decking line and brands of others. And the ¼” self-gapping square-wing Fasteners have the pre-set stainless steel square drive and screws the black-topped.

The hidden fasteners do not work with the deck, boards, or grooves on the sides. A groove cutter for the Trex has been used with the ungrooved planks. And the using we suggested a better drill for the control, as an impact driver, strip out and snap the screws.

The same materials deck boards are made from the same materials, making them virtually disappear, and the holes are then filled with plugs cut in the screws drive and the next set of clips.

  • The Trex has easy to use.
  • For use with all grooved Trex decking.
  • The help deck keeps boards straight.
  • All Trex decking products are available grooved.
  • The one clip holds two boards.
  • Automatic 3/16″ spacing.
  • The starter clips are included for edge boards.
  • Contractor-grade.

The steel frame Trex is also designed to work with the hidden hideaway deck fasteners. They are technically designed to be used with Trex boards, but the manufacturer’s decking has the same groove. So they used to can be installed in almost any brand of decking.


  1. The smooth, unmarried deck of the surface
  2. Easy to use
  3. The larger gap for better ventilation and drainage.
  4. Uniform gap


  1. The time-consuming
  2. The larger, more visible gaps

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2. Eb-Ty Premium Hidden Deck Fastening System:


Eb-Ty Premium Hidden Deck Fastening System

The Simpson Strong-Tie EB-TY hidden deck fastener is the first row with the complete starter system for securing the perimeter and laying. They like premium decking and the perfect finishing touch to beautiful outdoor living space.

The includes package clips, scraw, EB-guide drill guide, drill bit, 6-point driving bit, and lip plugs. They invest in redwood, hardwood, cedar decking, Composite, and cedar decking. Choosing the right fastening method is vital to ensure durability, letting the material’s beauty shine.

The ideal solution’s EB-TY premium new hidden deck-fastening system blends. Strength with the installation in a fastener that does not from the deck’s finished Appearance.

And the system is easy to use. Insert the biscuit clip, The angled hole through the plank edge, drive in the screw, and place the EB-guide to pre-drill.


  1. The edge prevents the screwing through the board from walking and sliding.
  2. The joist from moisture damage in the clip protects.
  3. Easy to use
  4. A smooth unmarred leaves deck surface
  5. The uniform spacing


  1. They change from drill to driver and need two drills and more hands
  2. The time-consuming multi-stepped process
  3. No countersink the tool provided

The board is a place the stainless steel plate has 300 series clips that reinforce the biscuit-shaped black plastic and hold.

The plugs hide screws that fasten the used decking nearest the building and hard-to-reach spots other. Plug into the hole, tap a pre-drill, drive in the screw, countersink, and then glue.

3. Cortex-Hidden Deck Fasteners:

Cortex-Hidden Deck Fasteners

The cortex-hidden deck fasteners the cortex offers a strong connection to the joist of the deck board. And the first and last board, stairs, perimeters, and the entire deck are hidden with fasteners across.

The system of cortex fastening is the faster master, a top-down screw and plugs hidden fasteners line for the dozen and composite, PVC, and decking with cardstock brands.

The plugs create a smooth floor surface without clips. The cortex-hidden deck fastens with any type of wood system, but you must make it yourself.

The hidden connection strongest the system provides is available in the three different packages. And the 100 linear feet are ideal with packages for the perimeter use, stairs, and the first and last plank.

The cortex is manufactured by fasten master and is compatible with PVC, the capped composite decking, and Composite.

And you can purchase with plugs for all lines of matched colors, select Trex Accents, evergreen, transcend, clubhouse, enhance, Gossen, Kleer, Twin finish, Earthwood evolutions, XLM, and wolf.


  1. The customized set spacing between boards.
  2. The plugs match perfectly for a near-invisible finish.
  3. They customize set spacing between boards.
  4. The easy to installs
  5. Create an ultra-strong connection between decking and joints.


  1. They hard-to-handle with the small plugs.
  2. The countersink felt ‘guide’ on the TTAP® deteriorates with hidden deck fasteners.
  3. The multiple steps add time and labor to the project.

4. Camo Has Hidden Deck Fasteners:

Camo Has Hidden Deck Fasteners

The camo has hidden deck fasteners, the system works, and about every type of decking. The CAMO has developed several affordable decks fastening systems with contractor-grade tools to make the installation quicker and easier.

The CAMO deck screws work with the fastening system on any treated hardwood, lumber, composite, cedar, or PVC deck board and offer a lifetime warranty limited that guarantees against rust and corrosion for the project’s life.

The camo deck hidden fasteners are one of my favorite works. A great tool if you are a homeowner with few decks and building experience.

The other hidden deck fasteners, the CAMO deck screws, and a combine to deliver a marksman tool fastener-free deck surface at a competitive price with a compared. They include a system.

  • The marksman and marksman pro tools
  • The fasteners edges
  • A driver bits

The screw placement speeds up the marksman guide. The correct ensures drive angle and prevents over of the driving. The T-15 drive head provides greater torque and grip without slipping, reducing chisel tip splitting and Cracking.

The clips have springy arms and wings that pinch off the joist, hold the screw right up of the boards, and have an ‘n’ shaped metal the clip that inserts slide the second board into place and drives the screw in, looking pieces both firmly in place-the unique feature as the brands most other clips grip only one of the edge, and not of a both.


  1. They work on most decking.
  2. The easy to use.
  3. No pre-drilling.
  4. The deck surface with uniform spacing is unmarred.
  5. The tools, screws, and clips are high-quality.


  1. The CAMO DRIVE™ needs longer for taller users.
  2. The manufacturer’s screws only use for the tools.
  3. The side of the board visible at the head screws are slight.

The edge fastening is for the edge orange guide in the fasteners, and the straight-down and face fastening is for the black attachment.

And both of them work with attachments to the collated screws. The fasteners are also warranted for more than a dozen decking brands and are listed on the basic bag and pail.

With a push, the board is in place, and installation is easy. Insert the clip and drive in the screw, nail, and scribal driven on an angle. The clip wing upward tips, the two prongs into the wood, forcing the fastener into the joist.

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5. Timbertech Concealed Hidden Fasteners:

Timbertech Concealed Hidden Fasteners

The grooved composite decking, without damage, is the top and sides of engineered-to-secure planks. The works system is in various brands of decking and installation of the tools.

The groove fastened to the joist’s center into the winged slide clips. The driven screw is in at a 45°pulls and angle the clip tight. The board pushes into the edge of the wing, preventing it from ‘walking’ laterally. And the process is the insert and screw the set of the next clips and repeat.

Various brands of decking the system work in an installation tool. The concealed fasteners are designed for but work in the Azek and other brands of TimberTech composite decking off the grooved planking. A uniform finish in the clips maintained a gap of the board for 1/16″ to 3/16″.

The best protection against corrosion from moisture and chemical preservatives in a plank of wood for screws and clips is manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

Its Tough polymer shells are widely regarded as a product closely resembling real wood With TimberTech’s capped composite decking. Generally, Azek’s PVC boards are accepted as the most durable.


  1. They are easy to use.
  2. The stainless steel clips
  3. Other brands work with the products.
  4. This prevents lateral movement deck board.


  1. The drive angle for screws must be perfect, and It binds or strips out.
  2. It isn’t easy to install long clip-make( 16’+) composite boards.

There are clips and rails to finish 500 sqft decking at 16″ centers. The boards for the thickness of the clip ensure a uniform finish gap of ⅛” to 3/16″.

The plank is secure for all joists. Angle insert the open wing, the next plank to push it, and then down onto the joist, locking it into a place.

6. Tigerclaw Tc-G Has Hidden Deck Fasteners:

Tigerclaw Tc-G Has Hidden Deck Fasteners

The Tigerclaw TC-G hidden Deck Fastening system by Tigerclaw has been designed specifically for 5/4″ of the decking boards. The non-grooved decking planks using our TC-150 are sold separately, and the TC-G clips work in the pre-grooved decking planks.

The work with designed for 5/4-inch thick deck boards. The TC-G fasteners feature sharp prongs embedded into the deck board’s decking and groove’s lasting connection for the holding of superior power.

The tiger claws are also hidden fasteners used on more than a different brand of decking, all listed on the pail and bag.

The Tiger claw TC-G is a hidden fastener system for FastenMasters, ACQ-compliant and compatible with grooved boards, including Trex, wolf, Brazilian Redwood, Fiberon, veranda, Ironwood, Teak, Ipe, Compare, and more.

  • The TC-G reduces wood splitting with the wood rot and cupping board and comes with a 25-years warranty.
  • our cortex system is used for stairs, first, last, and perimeter boards for the fastener-free surface.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The hand-driven available and pneumatic gun installation methods.
  • The spacer tabs on the clip automatically for the decking 3/16″ for a consistent look.
  • They are designed for installation in 5/4″ decking boards.
  • The approved saltwater applications used are ACQ and chemically treated lumber.

The TC-G clips include a 90-pack of fasteners, stainless steel screws, and the square drive bit. The tiger claw TC-G 900 pail includes fasteners and is meant to be used with the collated pneumatic screws, and the tiger claw Pneumatic Gun quickly installs larger outdoor projects.

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7. Concealer Has Hidden Deck Fasteners:

Concealer Has Hidden Deck Fasteners

The Concealed hidden deck fastening system by Timbertech is designed to easily attach grooved Timbertech and the Azek deck boards directly to the deck frame, fastener-free deck surface, creating a beautiful.

  • The stainless steel clips and screws won not rust.
  • And others work with grooved deck boards.
  • They are easy to use.
  • The heavy-duty, contractor-grade clips.
  • The use of XLM, Twin Finish, Earthwood Evolutions, and Azek grooved deck boards.
  • They Fit any 5-¼” to 5-¾” deck boards.
  • Automatic ⅛” to 3/16″ spacing.

8. Ipe Has Hidden Deck Fasteners:

Ipe Has Hidden Deck Fasteners

The lpe hidden deck fastening system is an edge mount to attach grooved and slotted hardwood decking boards. And the stainless steel for the strength of the hidden deck manufactured is clipped with a stiff black Oxide-coated.

And the insert holds decking to joists for the prolonged hold-down.

  • Creating gas fastener-free deck surfaces hidden inside the board.
  • Molded polypropylene with the hardened stainless steel insert was added to the hold-down.
  • The natural expansion and contraction of boards are installed only on one slide of boards.
  • The hardwood deck boards ensure a smooth surface edge for the mount grooved and slotted.
  • The black oxide-coated steel with the insert and resists corrosion to polypropylene and provides UV and chemical resistance.
  • The right deck board side to side with the fastener assures even ¼ in the integrated spacer leg.

The installed fits into the line clip edge side slots. The board bottom groove edge into the joist, then deck screws should be drilled down the fastener at a 45° angle.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Best Hidden Deck Fasteners

  • Camo Hidden Fasteners.
  • Eb-Ty Hidden Deck Fastener.
  • Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener.
  • Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastener.
  • Cortex Hidden Fastener.
  • ConceaLoc Hidden Fastener.
  • Mantis Hidden Fastener.
  • Ipe Clip Hidden Fastener.

Should I Pre Drill Holes for Deck Screws?

It is important to note that while composite screws eliminate the need to pre-drill the vast majority of the deck, pre-drilling is still required around the perimeter (within 1″ of the end of the board) as well as on stair treads.

Do I Need to Predrill for Deck Screws?

In the past, no matter what type of deck board you were installing, the answer to this question would indefinitely be yes. However, with advancements in fastener technology, pre-drilling in most composite and capstock deck boards is no longer necessary. Composite deck screws have been consistently used by the industry.

Do You Need Pilot Holes for Deck Screws?

Yes, you should, making sure the drill bit is slightly smaller in diameter than the screws narrow measurement is. Meaning not the ‘biting part’ of the threads, but rather the main body of the screw itself. This will prevent splitting or cracking the wood.

Can You Use Nails Instead of Screws for Decking?

Screws are superior for laying down the decking. They hold things flush better and have a better fastener/tensile strength, which keeps boards from popping up over time. However, unless you use more expensive structural screws you need to use nails for structural elements and joists.

Do Squirrels Chew on Composite Decking?

As with carpenter bees, composite decking isn’t 100% resistant to damage by rats and other rodents (like squirrels).

Do You Need to Seal the Ends of Trex?

You won’t ever need to seal or stain the deck, and you certainly don’t have to (and shouldn’t) paint it. And since Trex is a composite material, you don’t have to carry out long-term maintenance such as replacing rotted deck boards.

How Much Overhang Should a Trex Deck Have?

» ALWAYS follow Trex-recommended gapping guidelines. » Maximum allowable perpendicular overhang for Trex is 102 mm. » All decks require air circulation to keep them dry and looking good. To improve air flow, leave openings under the decking or increase gapping to 10 mm.

Should Pilot Hole Be Smaller Than Screw?

For softwoods, use a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than the screw diameter. For hardwoods, use a drill bit that’s slightly larger than the screw diameter. If you’re unsure which to select, choose a drill bit that’s 1/64” larger than the screw diameter.

How Deep Should Deck Screws Go?

A common rule of thumb is that a screw needs to go at least halfway into the wood beneath the piece you are attaching. But when attaching deck boards into joists, a 2.5” deck screw is usually long enough since over half the screw is buried in the joist.

Does Composite Decking Attract Rats?

Does the space under your garden composite decking attract rats? The short answer is no; this is an urban myth that circulated during the time outdoor decking became more popular.

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