How to Get Wood for Free?

How to Get Wood for Free

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How to Get Wood for Free?

Go to a Local Lumber Mill

You can visit a lumber mill and ask the yard manager whether they have some cheap wood to give away. They do many works and might have cut wood left with them you can ask for that and they might give you that item.

Advantage of the Internet Can Be Taken

If you post your required wood on a website such as Craigslist might result in you getting old furniture whose wood can be made to use. You can check into Facebook community pages whether there has any cheap wood being sold.

Visit Construction Sites and Burn Sites

In construction sites huge numbers of wooden wastes are created you can take those items for your use if it fulfill your type needed. In dumpsters in that area, lots of wood can be found taking permission you can visit there and take your required items.

Roadside Salvage Furnitures

Many times furniture is abandoned on the road by driving through areas you can pick up those and use the wood present in them for your work.

Online Woodworking Forums Can Be Visited

Many times you can see that if you are a part of online woodworking community people give away wooden items for free. You can make use of that. Sometimes a little favor might be asked in return for the given wood.

If a small amount of labor can be put surely you will get free wood. Freecycle is such a community made for delivering free wood in exchange of any items.

Where to Find Free or Cheap Lumber: Ideas

Where to Find Free or Cheap Lumber: Ideas

Woodworking & Cabinet Shops

You will easily get a good supply of wood nearly around 2 feet long from storage sheds and gazebos. In some cases, you will get oddly cut pieces which were previously properly sized.

By taking scraps from there you can build small projects. In the cabinet shop you will be successful in finding scrap lumber, surprising amounts of weird lumber scraps can be found there which are long enough.

They are always willing to get rid of them so you take them at a cheap price or free.

Lumber Mills

There are many ruined boards and scrap lumbers left when the trees are being processed it never sees the face of the market.

These will give you a good quantity of wood even though the untreated boards are rough and unfinished. By getting a planer you will be able to finish the wood properly.

This is to be the first place to be looked at if someone is hoping to build a house with free lumber the pieces which you will get will be longer and more usable. Just look that there is no bug.

Specialty Lumber Yards

For getting the best new lumber, lumber yards will be the best option. You will surely get a considerable discount if how to shop is known.

Certain piles of wood boards might be cracked or can have undesirable knots or blemishes in them. By buying them you can save money.

When a lumber yard is not able to meet its target by selling the lumber they give huge discounts you can keep track of those lumber yards.

Talk to the manager about whether they are having any type of discards for elimination.

Free Building/ Free Barnwood

If one goes through the Craigslist free part then surely one will find the houses that are to be moved. When it comes to crafting ideas reclaimed wood is the best option.

If demolition is to be done quickly then the owners will to remove the wood quickly. You can offer them to remove the wood by yourself and take your required wood.

Construction Site Dumpsters

During summer the roll-out dumpsters come in front of the schools then begins summer construction begins. It is a very rich point for getting free wood.

On weekends you can visit the dumpster diving, you should be aware of the local laws while visiting there. It is a good option to grab damaged plywood and pine boards from the dumpster so you can visit there many times.

One option can be visiting construction companies near you as they keep the dumpsters near them.

Wood Pallets

Pallets can be a best source of free lumber. There is an unlimited source of pallets in every factory and retail site which are to be removed. They will be happy if anyone offers them to pick up their extra pallets.

They are well suitable for making any kind of works like queen sized bed or small cupboards.

Abandoned Buildings

By contacting abandoned building owners if they are willing to let you tear down the required items of yours. It might happen that everyone is not willing to sell them but you will surely find someone who will give it.

Old Decks

You can easily reach out a decking company for knowing whether are having any upcoming project of removing old decks. They have shortage of time so you must quickly attend them as soon as you come know they are removing.

From fencing companies, you can get a goldmine of cheap lumber. Just you will have to properly trim the ends then use a planer and at the end you will be having good quality lumber of huge amount.

Auctions & Yard Sales

You will be amazed to know that huge quantity of wood will be available at any garage sale. You can either know from garage sales ad or might be lucky to know from word of mouth.

Auction yards will sell piles of scrap wood to give relief of the homeowner who want to just get rid of their not required items.

You can also be able to pick up backdated furniture like couches and beds which be in-turn having ample amount of lumber in them. That furniture can be easily broken apart for reuse.

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How to Find Free Lumber for All Your Diy Projects?

How to Find Free Lumber for All Your Diy Projects?

It might seem to you that getting free lumber is a very difficult or rather not possible. While if your plan is top notch and filled with out of the box ideas you will surely be successful in getting free lumber.

Just by going out an buying your required lumber you can consider some of the steps to buy free lumber and save a lot of money.

In addition to saving money reuse will also help in saving natural resources and be environmentally friendly.

You can find free lumber from:

Construction Areas

One of the biggest and safest sources of lumber can be construction areas. Construction areas are easily found in many locations nearby. If the nearby construction area is for a new building then surely you will get a huge amount of lumber from there.

If the material you would be making is of small size then you can easily use them successfully. While if the case is that old homes are demolished then the leftover and removed wood would be used by them for making their new required project.

In that case, you can do two things which will be advantageous to you. The first process can be finding an on-site employee at the working site and then asking whether you can meet with the supervisor or manager.

After meeting the people from the working authority, you might ask them if it is possible that you to manage to move the lumber for them by yourself which is not required of them.

Every project has a budgeted cost for the removal of items if you do that job for them free of cost everyone will be happy and allow you to do it.

The second option can be you can make a deal that you will visit the site on a daily basis and help remove the scrap products and debris for free in exchange you will take your required lumber.

If you use the second process then you will be able to put the usable scraps on one side and non-usable scrap on the other side and afterward also properly if some extra lumber can be found from there.

Unused or Old Building’s Furniture

If all the parts in an item is still not rotted then this can still be useful for you. While working with other people and visiting places try to be in the hunt for these types of things.

While you see someone throwing away the whole bed you can take that throw the mattress and use the woods by tearing it down and make a new product.

For getting the extra required lumber furniture can be a good option for you. Old barn, shed or something like this will give you the same result. Proper notice should be given to find lumber from them and make it to use.

Burn Piles & Dumpsters

When someone this throwing they are not needed furniture you can find it from their dumpster. Visiting others dump is not illegal to be done. This process is totally legal one to be done when dumped in public dump area. By wearing eye protection and glove you can search your required items from them.

Other method can be done by driving around places before the trash is being taken so you can the items their only. You can easily find wooden furniture from there and take it.

If anything, interesting is noticed you can ask the owner before taking it. If your network is strong you can know beforehand the items which will be thrown by them.

Cheapest Wood for Diy Projects

Cheapest Wood for Diy Projects


On a consumer level pinewood can be the cheapest option for you. A wood required for high strength and at low cost at the same time pine wood would be the best option.

This wood is resistant to temperature changes and stiffness which will easily make it a good option for wooden furniture.


When appearance and workability is the top priority poplar can be a cheap and good wood for you. Poplar might not be as strong as maple and oak it will still be a good option for DIY projects.

For creating small scrap wooden items poplar is a good option. By using poplar, you would be able to manufacture small wooden planks having very identical and distinct natural colour. This is a very advantageous option for the usage of poplar.

Furring Strips

For both small and large jobs furring strips can be a good choice to be used. They can be ideally used for framing, construction projects, making of frames and shelves as they are very thin and lightweight.

For the creation of beautiful signs, they can be painted and then used as signs. In market they are available in different lengths and width and are made of spruce, fir, or pine.

The cutting of these item is also very easy so cutting cost reduces.

Paint Sticks

Sticks which are used to stir paints before they are used are light, free and can be made to use for several DIY projects such as making decorative items, picture frames and small boxes.

They can be given a rustic look also by burning them and can also be painted if required.

Fencing Boards

In addition, for building fences, fencing boards can also be used to make DIY projects like furniture or accent walls. In market fencing boards are available in different lengths and widths and are made of spruce, pine, cedar.

In very cheap price you can give your project a weathered or rustic look. They give a rough feeling to make them ideal for a farmhouse inspired DIY job and are not processed due to this reason.

Medium Density Fibreboard

Those requiring a wooden panel Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) can be a good option for you then. It is not a solid wood in nature while it is an artificial material just like a plywood and other composite woods.

They are made of sawdust on combination with adhesive or resin along with wax. The mixture is then made in the form of panels and size as that of plywood before they are cut into required size.

If genuine timber is not particularly required MDF will be a good option. There are no knots and grains present and are straight, so you can easily without any second thought cut them.

They are put to use where bookshelves, closet shelving and benches are required.

Framing Lumber

For the construction of framing walls, floors and roofs framing lumber is a very good affordable type of wood which you can use. Varieties of sizes are available in market which you can use in your project. The sizes ranges from 2*4, 2*6, 2*8.

In any kind of hardware store this type of wood can be found. One problem of using this should be kept in mind which is they are available in rough shape and many times the boards are not straight.

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How to Get Cheap or Free Hardwood Lumber?

How to Get Cheap or Free Hardwood Lumber?

The price of lumber is so high nowadays that many people are putting their projects of craft and wood in hold. While if you look properly you can save your money. The process how to get cheap or free lumber are mentioned below.

From Commercial Shops Recycle Castoffs

Many cabinets and commercial wooden shops or local hardware stores use the method of keeping bins for low-cost smaller pieces in order to sell them at discount.

If you offer to haul the items then you can also get the required items free of cost. Looking into the schedule of the recycling and dumping process can be a good option for your area shops since every day the scraps might not be readily available.

Lumber Yard Bundles

If you properly look at lumber yards you will surely get a section where the little bit imperfect lumbers are kept. Those are hardwood lumbers which are not conforming the market standards.

Those items might be quite suitable for shelving options. These types of items will require little bit of sanding and then they will be perfect to be used.

You have to plan to delivery yourself the lumber because that option is not provided by the yard. Their size is little bit large.

Reclaimed Materials

Many lumber yards are present in market that have specialization in reclaiming materials. By disassembling or scraping the older structures and furniture you can use the lumber from which they are made.

Fixtures and hardware can be found at these types of places, so while your project is repairing the savings will be significant. While browsing you should keep in mind the boards are priced in foot.

Neighbourhood Groups

Neighbourhood yard sale and free groups can be a good option to look into for proper deals on lumber. One advantage is also if something specific being looked then you will be able to post them and the neighbours having those material will respond.

This will save your time and price. You will generally get offer in this group and categorial offers can also be received so it can be easily browsed and searched.

Fallen Trees & Branches

Downed tree limbs will be a very good option for you if you have the perfect tools & transportation facility. A chainsaw and a large vehicle will be required for hauling the item.

You should make sure that the fallen branches are not anywhere near the power lines or it should not cause any type of danger to anyone. This process will surely require certain skill.

Roadside Finds

If your finding type is known to you then by looking at the side of the road will be easily a source of lumber. If you look at roadside you can get pallets, old furniture and scraps which be easily be reclaimed by just disassembling and then properly cleaning the parts.

Broken pallets even have good boards in them, all you will need is a hammer, pry bar and elbow grease. In overall condition a piece of furniture might not be having great shape but it will surely have usable shelves that can easily be repurposed.

Having a little creativity in you will give you free lumber for your project.

Where to Buy Cheap Wood?

Where to Buy Cheap Wood?

Big box home improvement can be a good option for finding cheap wood but it might not be present in many places so this is not just only option to get free wood.

Few more options are listed below from where you can get cheap lumber if searched.


On craigslist you can easily find free or cheap wood. On the free section look for them or you can use the search option for finding what is available at that time in your local area.

Habitat for Humanity Restore

This is a non-profit organization which sells the donated building materials which also includes wood at a very low rate. A ReStore location near you can be found out at the website.

Salvage Yards

In salvage yard you will easily get a large variety of reclaimed wood which can easily be used for varieties of projects. The price will surely vary but if properly found you will get your required product which can be used.

Facebook Marketplace

For your required project you will be able to get cheap wood from marketplace if found. Nowadays people transfer from one place to another due to their job so this required wood can be found in marketplace.

It can happen that at that point you will not get the required item but later on you might require it. Before buying it from there you must check for the warping or damage or any stain.

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How to Get Free Lumber?

How to Get Free Lumber?

From Neighbourhood Facebook Groups

From my group having neighborhood people is a go-to option for getting free lumber. You can post it there what is required and surely will get an outcome.

By Breaking Down Any Second-hand Furniture At any kind of yard sale, Facebook store, at thrift store you will surely get second-hand furniture that is backdated.

They have good quality lumber in them. By tearing it down you can use the lumber to make your job done. You should keep in mind that a broken couch also has enough lumber to be used in it.

Cabinet Maker or From Local Wooden Store

You can search for cabinet makers online or in small local wooden stores. By reaching their store whether they have scrap lumber that they like to sell.

You can get smaller pieces of high-end lumbers in this way.

Lumberyard Bundles

By reaching any lumberyard you can ask whether they are selling bundled lumber. They often sell damaged or some out of specification lumber at very low prices or rather free.

You can get a good deal there.

Using Reclaimed Lumber

By reaching out to lumber yards or employees of a remodeling or construction company you can get to know about how much lumber they reclaim from their job.

You can ask them to give those lumber to you as they also want to get rid of it. The disadvantage is that you will have to accept whatever is given by them.

Discount Rack

In Home Depot you will get a rack comprising of discounted wood in them. That will have a rolling cart in the lumber section of damaged or bent wood. They are given a discount for a reason.

How to Get Wood Cheap?

How to Get Wood Cheap?

Roadside Trash

In roadside trash you will be able to find lots of good of your need. Before bulk picking is done you can drive around for getting to know what is available the best time is at the morning and night times.

Look For Breakdown Volunteer

You can look out for neighbours who are looking for giving out decks, fence, or anything similar types. While asking you can expect to be something asked in return.


Freecycle is a good platform where owners try to give away they are not required items who are not willing to create any kind of waste. These are set up locally generally.

Dumpster Diving

A lot of good wood are thrown in construction sites. The wood might be having nails in them which can be easily removed. You need to take permission before entering there.

Fallen Trees are to be Found

You can find fallen logs and trees and use their woods for work. A lot of specialized tools and time will be required for drying them out. For making larger tools such as mallets you can look for firewood-type wood.

Where to Get Free Scrap Wood; Where to Get Scrap Wood for Free?

Where to Get Free Scrap Wood; Where to Get Scrap Wood for Free?

Wooden Shops

In wooden shops, you can easily find your required scrap wood as they form many scraps due to their work you can visit them and ask for their scrap.

You will surely get it as they are also willing to give away them.

Wooden Mills

Here as trees are being processed and made to use for making items you will get here your required scrap.

Construction sites

Here many wooden works are also done and if ask the manager in charge he or she will be quite happy if you take away the product. You can surely make a deal of taking of their scraps produced on daily basis.

Cheap Building Wood

Cheap Building Wood

Framing & Structural Lumber

This is the most commonly used wood for building at a cheap cost. They follow standard building dimensions so minimum cutting cost is required.

Appearance Board

They have softwood and hardwood variety both you should prefer softwood version of this. The thickness of these boards should be 1 inch and width of 2 inches.


They are a combination of hardwood and softwood along with resin. They have a higher density than plywood but are less moisture-resistant in nature.

Decking & Fencing

They include railings, floorboards, and posts. They are durable and budget-friendly also. They are able to create patterns on deck surfaces consisting of interlocking tile systems.

Pressure Treated & Untreated Lumber

Pressure-treated one is processed with preservatives whereas untreated ones are not. Pressured one is used for decking board construction and is available in variable colors.


It is a very cheap wood and very easy to work with. It can be used for doors and kitchen cabinets. They can be given uniform color and texture.

White Oak

Due to its budget friendly price along with giving overall strength, appearance it had been a good choice. Various outdoor projects can be made using this. They are very durable in nature and long lasting.

Where to Find Cheap Plywood?

Where to Find Cheap Plywood?

You can find cheap plywood from your neighborhood who are not willing to use their own. You can also exchange your item which they might require with them for their plywood.

At local stores, there are sections of sale where old or some faulty in size plywood might be available for you. You can look into places like www.lowees .com, Home Depot, and as they give regular high discounts.

You can look into a Facebook marketplace where many people will surely be willing to sell their used plywood at a very low price as they will not need it anymore.

For getting small plywood you can look into local building projects they might give some lightly damaged ones which get damaged during work but their quality will be good.

You can also look into reclaimed plywood which can be a good option for you.

Free Lumber near Me

Free Lumber near Me

Nearby Construction Sites

Any type of construction work going on nearby to your home can be a great source of lumber. Talk with the manager there and they will surely allow you to take the lumber.

From Your Network Nearby

You can ask the people near your home whether are planning to give away any kind of their used lumber.

Look for Lumber Salvage Yards near You

If there is any lumber salvage yard near you can get free or cheap lumber from there. They collect reclaimed lumber from various places and give at very cheap price.

Nearby Lumber Mills

If there is any mill nearby you can get scrap lumber or little defective lumber which can easily be put to use. Their size standards might be not perfect so they are given free or very low cost.

Rockler Retail Stores

From this store, you can get an idea about where there is nearby availability of free lumber for you.


If you properly search on Craigslist you will be able to know whether anyone near you is giving away their used lumber.

Free Scrap Wood near Me

Free Scrap Wood near Me

Construction Sites near You

While building materials at construction sites huge quantities of scrap wood are formed which they will love to get rid of you can approach the sites present near to you.

Freecycle from Neighbours near You

From your neighbours, you can swap with them your required scrap wood if some work of wood is done in their home. Due to this you need to build a network with them.

Sawmills near You

Sawmills transfer wood to various products so they get many scraps of wood accumulated there you can visit your nearby sawmill and take your required material.

Local Wood Store near You

By visiting local wood stores, you can ask the owner whether they have scrap wood which they surely will have. You can ask them to take the scrap wood.

Near-Me. Store

By using this website, you can know who is giving free scrap wood.

Free Cull Wood near Me

Free Cull Wood near Me

Home Depot

If there is a Home Depot near you can look into their bin or go to the back of the store where they cut wood for you at that place cull wood is placed.

Examine before them.

Lowe’s & Menards

These home improvement stores if present near your home will also sell cull lumber at the back of the store.


If you properly look into Craigslist you will find sellers of cull wood as they might have some defective ones which fall in the cull wood criteria.


How to Get Wood for Free?

New construction sites can be a great source for finding free materials, especially scrap wood. In most cases, new build contractors have no use for scraps, so they are happy if you take it off their hands. Of course, ALWAYS ask before taking anything from a construction site.

How to Get Reclaimed Wood for Free?

Local Demolition Sites

If you know of buildings that are set to be demolished in your area, there’s always a chance you’ll be able to take some of the lumber. Try contacting the owner of the property to see if you can buy—or even take for free, since they might just want it to go—the lumber from them post-demolition.

Does Lowes Have Free Scrap Wood?

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have a scrap wood pile where you can find discounted wood that’s perfect for your next Pinterest project. They’ll also cut your wood for free, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this awesome service.

What Is the Least Expensive Wood?

The cheapest types of wood in general are:

  • White wood.
  • Pine.
  • Soft maple.
  • Poplar.
  • Cypress.
  • MDF.
  • Plywood.
  • Reclaimed wood.

What Is a Cheap Wood?

The cheapest types of wood in general are: white wood. pine. soft maple. poplar.

How to Get Wood Chips for Free?

Call your local County Extension and find out if there is one in your area. If I can find sawdust from someone’s workshop, I use it in my garden for mulch in place of or along with the wood chips. You can also check with places like your electric company and other utilities to see if they have free wood chips.

How to Get Wood Pallets for Free?

Ten Places to Find Free Pallets for Hobbyists/Crafters

  1. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.
  2. Bars and craft beer locations.
  3. Pet food stores.
  4. Feed & Tack stores.
  5. Stationery shops.
  6. Furniture stores.
  7. Liquor stores.
  8. Schools.

What Is Cheap Wood Called?

Pine is budget-friendly and easy to find. It is typically used in furniture building and construction. Poplar is used in cabinet-making, painted furniture, ceiling moldings and trim. It gives the look of expensive hardwood when stained but is easily scratched.

Is Mdf Cheaper Than Plywood?

MDF is generally cheaper than plywood. The surface of MDF is very smooth which makes it a great surface for painting. MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters. Because of the smooth edges, you can use a router to create decorative edges.

Is Plywood Cheaper Than Wood?

Plywood is much more expensive than other natural wood alternatives like MDF (multi-density fiberboard). However, plywood is still considerably cheaper than natural wood.

Is Plywood Cheaper Than Mdf?

MDF is generally cheaper than plywood. The surface of MDF is very smooth which makes it a great surface for painting. MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters.

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