All About Ring Doorbell Work with an Existing Chime | Will a Ring Doorbell Work with an Existing Chime

All About Ring Doorbell Work with an Existing Chime

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Will a Ring Doorbell Work with an Existing Chime?

Will a Ring Doorbell Work with an Existing Chime?

Every home’s needs are met by the Ring Doorbell. Ring Doorbell works to protect your home and property, whether you’ve recently moved into a new townhouse or received an old Victorian mansion as an inheritance.

It can work with the internal wiring of your home in addition to being compatible with other Ring devices. But what about your outdated chime?

Your previous chime will function with a wired Ring Doorbell if it is AC-powered. Furthermore, for the wired connection to function, it needs to produce eight to 24 volts. Your Ring Doorbell will not work with a chime that is DC-powered.

But how can you tell whether your chime is DC- or AC-powered? Read on for further information on how to set up your new Ring Doorbell and how to discover whether it will function with your current configuration.

Can A Ring Doorbell Work With An Old Chime?

Can A Ring Doorbell Work With An Old Chime?

The wiring grid of your home and, consequently, your existing chime, can only be connected to by a wired Ring Doorbell, such as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Additionally, DC-powered chimes cannot be used with wired Ring Doorbells; only AC-powered ones can. Doorbells are typically AC-powered. However, there are a few ways to discern the difference if you’re unsure about where your chime falls:

1. AC-Powered Doorbells

AC-Powered Doorbells

Alternating current, also known as AC, is essentially power that flows back and forth, changing its direction to correspond to the amount of energy a device requires.

Your home’s electrical outlets most likely use AC. They do not connect to a single battery and do not have zinc covering, leaving the individual wires exposed. They deliver somewhere between 230 and 240 volts and feature a single cover.

2. DC-Powered Doorbells

DC-Powered Doorbells

A device that is powered directly by a battery is said to be DC-powered. Therefore, a DC charge is what happens when you plug your smartphone into a power bank, for example.

The batteries deliver a constant stream of power to your gadget. They have a double cover, and a zinc coating, and can produce a voltage between 20 and 1100 volts.

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What Ring Doorbell Chimes Work With Each Other?

What Ring Doorbell Chimes Work With Each Other?

Knowing what will work with a Ring Doorbell gadget before purchasing one is a smart idea. A Ring Doorbell will work with AC-powered door chimes that need 8 to 24 volts.

Any door chime or intercom system that makes use of a DC transformer, as well as wireless door chimes, will not work with it.

A good list of doorbells that work with a Ring Doorbell may be found on this website. Additionally, it distinguishes between doorbell bells that are mechanical, electric, or digital.

Mechanical doorbells produce the “ding-dong” sound that most people associate with doorbells by using an actual bell and a mechanical hammer.

Is It Hard to Connect a Ring Doorbell to Your Chime?

Is It Hard to Connect a Ring Doorbell to Your Chime?

The response to this query largely depends on your level of familiarity with electrical work. If you’re not, it’s generally preferable to engage a handyperson or an electrician to do it for you.

However, wiring your new Ring Doorbell to your current chime shouldn’t be too challenging if you have experience with electrical work.

The power source for your new Ring Doorbell must, however, be compatible with the power source for your old chime. This is important to keep in mind. If they’re not, you’ll either have to purchase a new power source for your old chime or find a new power source.

Does It Matter How Old Your House Is?

Does It Matter How Old Your House Is?

It makes no difference how old your house is as long as your ancient chime has AC cables. But keep in mind that depending on how old your house is, you can face more difficulties.

For instance, there may be more than just screws holding your doorbell in place. To access the wiring in your property, you might need to remove several brackets.

However, you shouldn’t have any trouble setting up your Ring Doorbell as long as it has electricity.

How To Connect A Ring Doorbell To Your Old Chime?

How To Connect A Ring Doorbell To Your Old Chime?

It’s time to install the new Ring Doorbell once you’ve determined whether your old doorbell chime will function with it.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do. Here’s how to link your new Ring Doorbell to an existing chime if your old doorbell operated on AC:

  1. If the Ring Doorbell has a battery backup, charge it first.
  2. After then, shut off the electricity to your old doorbell. This is a crucial step for safety reasons.
  3. Next, take off your old doorbell so you can examine the wires that are showing.
  4. Make a mark where you wish to attach the mounting bracket. I advise using a very small level to maintain the Ring’s squareness.
  5. Into the wall, screw the mounting bracket.
  6. Wrap the wires from your doorbell around the elevated termination screws.
  7. To keep the wires in place, tighten the screws.
  8. Wires should be fastened to the mounting bracket.
  9. Finally, mount the mounting bracket for your Ring Doorbell.

Fortunately, installing your Ring Doorbell to the existing doorbell wiring in your home doesn’t require you to be an electrician. Low-voltage doorbell wires are relatively simple to work with. Call an electrician, though, if you are unsure that you can do the task on your own.

Before working with any kind of electrical wiring, We firmly advise shutting off the power. Doorbell wiring is low voltage, but it still poses a risk to your safety.

Before beginning any installs, read and abide by the Ring’s installation instructions. They produce a variety of models, some of which would need more installation work.

These guidelines may need to be modified depending on the Ring Doorbell model you choose because they are broad.

1. The Ring Doorbell on a Charge

The Ring Doorbell on a Charge

If the Ring Doorbell has a battery backup, start by charging it. To do this, attach the included micro USB cord to a power source and the back of the doorbell. This will result in a blue LED light appearing on the doorbell’s front.

2. Disconnect the Power

Disconnect the Power

Before you do anything, make sure the existing doorbell’s power is switched off. To do this, turn off the fuse in the electrical panel. Despite using low-voltage power, doorbells can still be deadly.

3. Dispose of the Current Doorbell

Dispose of the Current Doorbell

The wiring will be seen if you remove the present doorbell. Typically, a doorbell is attached to the wall using just two tiny screws.

4. Mark A Wall

Mark A Wall

Make a mark on the location where the ring will be installed. To ensure that the mounting bracket is square, I advise using a tiny level.

I typically mount my doorbells around 48 inches off the ground. You can take your measurement to the mounting bracket’s top, bottom, or center.

5. Put The Mounting Bracket Into Place

Put The Mounting Bracket Into Place

In reality, a Ring Doorbell connects to a mounting bracket rather than the wall directly. The Ring is fastened to the wall by the bracket.

Because of this, it is installed first. It’s crucial to install the bracket level, so take your time. The Ring will sit exactly if the mounting bracket is placed correctly.

6. Wiring


Thread the current cables exiting the wall through the base plate of the Ring. The wires should then be attached to the two base plate screws. To firmly hold the wires, tighten the screws.

7. Glue the Base Plate On

Glue the Base Plate On

Using the supplied screws, fasten the base plate to the door frame. Additionally, it is advised to utilize a screw gun for this. The new Ring Doorbell has now been joined to the outdated wiring and the pre-existing chime.

You’ll hear your chime every time you press the Ring button. In the event of a power loss, the wiring will also guarantee that the battery is kept charged.

8. Ring App

Ring App

Create an account on the Ring app after downloading. Log in

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What If I Can’t Get My Doorbell to Work with My Old Chime?

What If I Can't Get My Doorbell to Work with My Old Chime?

Be at ease. The Ring Chime Pro is available if your former chime used a DC system. This functions as an addition to your Ring Doorbell and enables you to:

  • Your Wi-Fi signal to 2,000 square feet more area
  • Receive notifications in real-time when the doorbell is pressed.
  • Allows you to choose from a wide range of tones
  • Even a nightlight is included as an added measure of protection. If your home’s existing chime isn’t working, you don’t have to use it; Ring offers solutions made to suit the requirements of every home.

Tips For Finding Out If Your Ring Doorbell Can Work With An Existing Chime

Tips For Finding Out If Your Ring Doorbell Can Work With An Existing Chime

A volt meter is the finest tool to use to determine if the doorbell chime in your home is powered by AC or DC. A basic one costs roughly $25 to purchase.

Ensure that it has a feature that can distinguish between AC and DC power. You can determine the power source’s AC or DC nature with a voltmeter.

Examining the cables is another way to determine this. It is most likely DC powered if the wires are connected to and from a single battery rather than the wall. However, it’s most likely AC power if wires are running from inside the wall to the chime.

Most households get their AC power from the grid and their DC power from batteries. But if you open the chime and discover a battery, don’t be duped.

A battery backup is available on some chimes in case the power goes out. You can see wires here that are attached to the battery and that are coming from the wall.

Will A Ring Doorbell Work In An Old House?

Will A Ring Doorbell Work In An Old House?

A Ring Doorbell will function properly as long as your old chime is powered by an AC that is between 8 and 24 volts. It makes no difference how old the house is, only what kind of power it possesses.

Older houses have the drawback of not always complying with current electrical codes. You shouldn’t have any trouble installing a new Ring Doorbell as long as the house is electrically code-compliant, has AC power, and the voltages are correct.

However, They have a lot of experience remodeling older homes, and I can tell you that one of the most typical items that require replacing is the electrical system.

We advise contacting an electrician if you’re trying to connect a Ring Doorbell in an older home. They will have every diagnostic tool required to verify the output and power type.

But if you want to give it a shot on your own, invest in a high-quality multimeter. Buy one that can distinguish between AC and DC power and voltage levels.

Ring Chime

Ring Chime

What if your doorbell’s current chime isn’t suitable for use with a Ring or you don’t want to reuse it? For both of these scenarios, Ring offers a fantastic solution, and it can be found in their Ring Chime device.

A wireless notification system called Ring Chime can link to all of your Ring devices. It is incredibly easy to use; all you have to do is connect to it using the Ring app after plugging it into a power source. The Ring Chime will play when the Ring doorbell button is pressed.

For all of your Ring devices in your house, Ring also provides a Ring Chime Pro that functions as a WiFi booster. When someone presses the button on your Ring Doorbell device, the Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro employ a predetermined tone.

You cannot speak via it; it is merely a speaker. You’ll need a smartphone or comparable gadget to do that.

Although it’s not required to use the Ring Chime as part of your Ring Doorbell installation (more on this later), its capabilities do offer several advantages to the majority of homes:

  1. To ensure that you always hear the doorbell ring, even if you’re upstairs or at the back of your property, you can place as many Ring Chimes as you’d like throughout your residence.
  2. An enjoyable feature is the 15–30+ (depending on the model) customizable chime and doorbell sounds. Even better, you can program the sound to play a creaking door at Halloween or a dog barking to deter robbers.
  3. No chime sound will play during “do not disturb” hours, which can be set up. This is especially helpful if you occasionally have nighttime prank “doorbell ringers.”
  4. Your Ring cameras and doorbells can connect to the Chime Pro and benefit from a wider WiFi range because the Chime Pro also functions as a WiFi extender. This can be quite helpful if you periodically lose video or have films cut off before the one-minute mark on some of your Ring devices due to poor connectivity.
  5. You might not give the night light on the most recent Chime Pro model much thought, but it comes in very helpful if you have to go downstairs at night.

Ring Chime Settings

Ring Chime Settings

Using the Ring app, you can change the settings for a Ring Chime. Here are some of its alternatives:

By choosing a chime inside the app, you can alter the doorbell’s tone. Choose your favorite chime tone from the list by clicking “Chime Tones.”

Volume can be changed. The Chime will flash once you’ve decided on a tone to show that it’s downloading. The download is finished and you can start utilizing the new tone when the light turns a solid shade of blue.

A chime is a fantastic gadget since it makes adjusting the volume and doorbell tone simple and quick. The Chime will sound even if you are not carrying your phone, which is another benefit.

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Ring Chime Pro

Ring Chime Pro

The Ring Chime Pro is a three-in-one gadget that works as a Wi-Fi extender, nightlight, and chime box in addition to amplifying notifications throughout the house.

The Ring Chime Pro unifies your home security system into a single, streamlined hub, eliminating the need to manage numerous devices with tangled wiring and separate battery packs. Common Ring Chime for two key reasons, the Ring Chime Pro is superior to the conventional

Ring Chime:

  1. Internet connectivity is not made stronger by the Ring Chime compared to your other Ring accessories. Ring Chime Pro, however, does.
  2. most routers may be connected to The 2.4GHz bandwidth is the only one that the regular Ring Chime will use to connect to your network. Ring Chime Pro, on the other hand, can connect to your network whether its bandwidth is 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz.

A tiny gadget called Ring Chime Pro may be plugged into any regular socket. It weighs 250 grams and has measurements of 6.9 cm x 2.54 cm x 10.31 cm.

  • It resembles a small speaker and has a blue light that flashes when it is turned on. A night light that illuminates underneath the apparatus is also included.
  • Notification sounds are played whenever your Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Camera detects movement or when the doorbell is pressed. There are 30+ classic and holiday tunes to choose from.
  • If you want some peace, you can snooze your alerts at any time rather than turning off motion.
  • Works with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity at 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Wi-Fi is extended to improve the signal for your Ring devices.

As an addition to your Ring Doorbell, a Ring Chime Pro enables you to:

  1. Your Wi-Fi signal to 2,000 square feet more area.
  2. Receive notifications in real-time when the doorbell is pressed.
  3. Allows you to choose from a wide range of tones.
  4. Provides volume control through an app.
  5. Accessible from numerous devices.
  6. Includes a nightlight.

If you can’t get your home’s outdated wiring and chime to function, you have other options. Ring offers fantastic solutions that are tailored to each homeowner’s needs.


A Ring Doorbell is an excellent smart home gadget that offers far more functionality than a typical doorbell. It combines a security camera and doorbell and sends you a WiFi alert whenever someone knocks on the door.

Additionally, it has a built-in two-way speaker that enables you to communicate with and view the other person from virtually anywhere. A Ring Doorbell can aid in securing your house and belongings, whether you’ve recently moved into a new house or apartment.

The best part is that if your existing chime is AC-powered and produces between eight and 24 volts, a wired Ring Doorbell will operate with it. Additionally, they work with other Ring devices.

How Does the new Ring Doorbell incorporate the old chime? It’s easy; if the Ring Doorbell system is linked to the old doorbell’s cables, the existing chime will function as before.

The doorbell chime can also be silenced so that it doesn’t produce noise. But WiFi will still let you know. Similar to how your old doorbell did, your new Ring doorbell will also start the chime.

Some antique chimes work with a Ring doorbell and some don’t. Your old chime will function with a wired Ring Doorbell if it is AC-powered and produces between eight and 24 volts. Your Ring Doorbell won’t work with a chime that is DC-powered.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Does Ring Doorbell Work with Existing Chime?

Ring Video Doorbell Wired cannot connect with an in-home chime. You can use a Ring Chime or Chime Pro wifi extender with it, or connect to an Echo (Alexa) device.

Does Ring Doorbell 3 Work with Existing Chime?

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is compatible with AC-powered door chimes operating between 8-24 volt AC transformers and the Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro. Note: The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is not compatible with any other brand of wireless chimes or any chime/intercom system using a DC transformer.

Ring Doorbell Existing Chime Not Working

A Ring Doorbell mechanical chime not ringing could be caused by the doorbell not being wired correctly, corroded or damaged wires, or the correct settings not being enabled. If everything is properly wired, connected, and set up in the Ring app, you can try restarting your Ring Doorbell to fix the problem.

Does Ring Doorbell (2020 Work with Existing Chime)?

The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) is compatible with AC-powered door chimes operating between 8-24 volt AC transformers, but is not compatible with wireless door chimes or any chime/intercom system using a DC transformer.

What Video Doorbell Works with Existing Chime?

You can use rechargeable and removable batteries to power it, or hardwire it to your existing doorbell power and chime.

Can a Ring Doorbell Work with an Old Chime?

A Ring Doorbell can work with an existing chime if it’s wired and AC powered, not DC powered. The ring is hard wired to your home’s wiring grid which is what connects it to the chime. If the Ring is wireless it won’t work with your old chime because it’s not connected to it.

Does Ring Doorbell Work with Old Chime?

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is an affordable smart doorbell that works with lots of third-party devices, but it won’t work with your existing chime and you have to pay to see recorded video.

Different Types of Doorbell Chimes

In general, there are two types of doorbell chime. Digital chime: plays a recording, which may have any number of tones. Mechanical chime: activates an electromagnet to move a striker that hits a metal bar within the chime box.

How to Connect Chime to Ring Doorbell?

  1. Open the Ring App.
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Tap Device Settings.
  4. Tap In-home Chime Settings.
  5. Tap Automatic Chime Detection.
  6. Tap Ring my In-home Chime.
  7. Follow the instructions and push the button on your Ring doorbell.

How to Connect Ring Chime to Wifi?

  1. Press the home button on your phone to leave the Ring app.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” app, then tap wifi.
  3. Select the Ring wifi network from the list of available networks.
  4. Once connected, close your “Settings” app and return to the Ring app.

Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to Chime Pro

If your Ring Chime Pro does not seem to be connecting when you’re first setting it up, or is not showing any light patterns, try moving the Chime Pro to another outlet. Once a light pattern appears, it will take at least 30 seconds before the device goes into setup mode.

At What Age Does a House Start Losing Value

If you haven’t renovated your home in the past 30 years or so, it won’t show well when you put it on the market.

Does the Age of a House Affect Price?

Typically, homes that are newer appraise at a higher value. The fact that critical parts of the house, like plumbing, electrical, the roof, and appliances are newer and therefore less likely to break down, can generate savings for a buyer.

How Old Is My House Free?

Go to the county recorder’s office or its website if you don’t have your chain of title documents. The recorder’s office has the deeds and records for your property on file as public record, which you can look up for free.

Does Age of House Matter When Buying a House?

Many buyers rank the age of a home as one of the least important factors when deciding which home to buy. However, experts think it should be higher on the list of considerations. While many aspects of housing have held true across the decades, there are plenty of different trends that affect homebuilding over time.

Ring Chime Not Working

If Ring chime is not working, the first thing to do is check your Ring Chime compatibility. Then, check if it is receiving enough power. If that’s not what is wrong, resetting the Ring Chime should get it working again.

Which Ring Doorbell Works with Existing Mechanical Chime?

Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with many different types of mechanical door chimes as long as they’re between 8VAC-24VAC. Once hardwired, you should see the LED lights on the front of your Video Doorbell illuminate with a soft white light.

Ring Doorbell Chime on Phone

  1. Open the Ring App. Tap the three lines on the top left.
  2. Tap Devices. Tap the doorbell you want to connect to a chime.
  3. Tap Device Settings.
  4. Tap In-home Chime Settings.
  5. Tap Advanced Settings. Select your Chime Type.
  6. Tap Continue.

How to Set Up Ring Chime (2nd Generation)?

  1. Tap the three lines on the top left of the screen in the Ring app.
  2. Tap Set Up a Device.
  3. Select Chimes.
  4. Scan the MAC ID on the outside of the Chime Pro box.
  5. Select the Location where you would like to set up your Chime Pro.
  6. Follow the prompts on placing your Chime Pro and tap Continue.

Ring Chime Pro Not Working

Reboot your phone by shutting it off completely for a minute or two and then trying another set up. Reboot your router by unplugging it for a minute or two and then trying another set up. Make sure that you’re within a few feet of your router when you’re setting up. Try using another mobile device for set up.

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