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All About Sunroom Ideas on a Budget

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Inrtoduction of Sunroom Ideas on a Budget

There is no doubt at all that spending time outdoors in the open air and sunlight is a lot of fun and mood refreshing but often the human heart and mind crave to spend some quality time indoors.

If a homeowner is fortunate enough to have a sunroom it is a great premium for him. People often think and search for ideas to make a sunroom, beautiful and stylish without spending much fortune.

They wonder whether it is possible or not. Well, it is completely possible. Here we will provide you with some excellent ideas to design the best sunroom on your budget.

A sunroom also goes with the names sun lounge and sun porch. It can easily be interpreted that it must be a room where there is a lot of sunlight can come inside the room. Well, yes it is.

A sunroom is commonly built onto a side of the house where sunlight falls for a long duration throughout the day. A sunroom can shelter you from heavy wind, rainfall, and other extreme weather conditions while providing the advantage of enjoying the natural sunlight.

A Sunroom is a perfect place for chilling out, spending time, and for relaxing. Sunrooms usually do not need any expensive home appliances. They do not have an entertainment system like tv but they can be provided with a radio which can make you feel good and nostalgic.

Since there are no expensive home appliances needed, decorating a sunroom is not so expensive and easy to decorate on a budget. A sunroom can be provided with small home appliances like comfy chairs. You can sit in the chair alone or with your family to kill time and have small interactions.

Sunrooms can also be equipped with curled-up books. Having a big cup of coffee and reading a good book while sitting in the sunshine is all you need to relax your soul and mind, especially on the weekends. And to experience this you do not need to expend a huge amount of money.

With some little money, a little extra effort, and just a little time and following some very simple tips can make the dream sunroom you would desire to have.

Basic Sunroom Designs

Basic Sunroom Designs

If you are going to build a brand new sunroom in your house then you have a variety of options and designs to decide from. If you want a warm and cozy room then you can use exposed woods in the sunroom. It will provide warmth and give you your desired cozy feeling.

If you want some more rustic looks then you can use bricks while building the sunroom. If you want to enjoy the view of the outside, you can use glass walls. Not only the walls but you can also use glass on top of the room as the roof.

This means you would be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. In almost all sunrooms glass is used. It can be used as walls or roofs or it can also be used in the windows. It’s the windows, incoming sunlight, and the feeling of openness that make a sunroom different from a normal living room.

When you enter your home or someone else enters your home, entering should be an elegant experience. While entering a room for the very first time will give you chills.

If you are not excited while entering a home that means there is something wrong with the home, something that needs to be changed. Every single home designer will tell the same thing to you. Get professional advice and you will easily find out the changes that need to be done.

Cheap Sunroom Design Ideas

Cheap Sunroom Design Ideas



Many homeowners are often confused about the use of color and paint in the sunroom. Here we will talk about the best color or the best paint your sunroom needs to meet your expectations.

Different people like different colors. So you should always choose the color according to your preferences. However, here are some tips to choose colors for different purposes.

A sunroom is a place for chilling out and relaxing. So this goal should be kept in mind when choosing the design and color. Choose a design that will have a soothing and calm effect when you sit in the room. For this, selecting the color is the priority.

Colors of not only the walls but also the furniture, pillows, plants, artworks, and other appliances. Try to match the color of the sunroom with the colors your house already has.



Most of the people who build a sunroom in their house do not want to discontinue the use of the sunroom when spring and summer are past. This area is also called a four-season room.

In cold seasons, sunrooms are the best place to read books or watch TV. But for this the room needs warmth. For this, you can add a fireplace or electric heater to the room. By this, you will be able to use the sunroom of your house not only for six months but also throughout the year.



The flooring of a sunroom in a house is done using concrete, tile, wood, or carpet. If the floor has an intricate design like a brick pattern or mosaic tiles, then it would be best to leave it uncovered.

Make the sunroom as fine as the rest of the rooms of the house are. It needs to be in flow with the rest of the house.



As there is plenty of sunlight throughout the day, plants always thrive in a sunroom. Plants can naturally filter the air, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen gas, it is an excellent way to live in a good environment by planting trees in tubs inside the room.

Plants also make the room look beautiful and colorful. You can add different colors to your room by keeping different colored plants.



Skylights are a brilliant idea that no one talks about. People often think that skylights leak water. This is not true. New skylight models are made in such a way that they become water right during rain. Even heavy rain does not leak water.

There are also advanced skylights that can be controlled remotely. With a remote, you can open or close the skylight.

Sunroom Ideas on a Budget: Natural Light

Sunroom Ideas on a Budget: Natural Light

The simplest idea is the best idea. In this case, we will apply this advice. A simple design may come like this. Try to use a lot of natural sunlight. All you need to have natural light is a perfect window in the perfect place.

A room where there are many windows will automatically be lit. Natural light is the best way to get warmth during the day especially when the floor is made of brick or concrete.

Make the sunroom isolated so that even in the winter it can stay warm during the daytime without using a heater. This will save a lot of electricity bills. Natural lights have so many benefits.

Screened Porch Converted Into Sunroom

Screened Porch Converted Into Sunroom

Building a good sunroom does not take much effort. A screened porch on top of a Trex deck used to be this design. Add in some trim work, glasses, white paint, and wood ceilings.

Maintain the ornamentation simple. You will need a small table and some table plants. You can sip some tea in the morning and eat breakfast here. Seal the bottom of the screened porch well. Or unwanted bugs will enter the place.

Almost every home has a screen porch so making a sunroom using the screen porch is not expensive at all. All you will need is a table and area rug.

Cheap Sunroom Decor Ideas

Cheap Sunroom Decor Ideas

To ornate a sunroom very little money and effort are needed. Best sunroom ideas are simple ideas. The idea of building a sunroom is to spend some quality time with much destruction.

White Sunroom Ideas with Simple Furnishing

White Sunroom Ideas with Simple Furnishing

It is an example that a beautiful sunroom only needs to have some simple white colored chairs. Add blue and white striped cushions to the chairs. Adding white color will make the room so bright and shiny.

If you keep so many windows that will let in natural light automatically. By using TLC and white paint you can make the sunroom look amazing.

Beautiful Sunrooms with Cheap Furniture

Beautiful Sunrooms with Cheap Furniture

To build a beautiful sunroom, much money is not needed. So using simple furnishings is one of the best sunroom ideas. A sunroom does not need to be grand. All you need for comfortable and beautiful sunrooms is a coffee table and some simple wicker chairs.

You can buy an inexpensive sofa for as low as $200 bucks and another one hundred bucks more for some wicker furniture. Since expensive things like TV do not go with sunrooms, building a sunroom is cheaper.

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Sunrooms with Classic Style

Sunrooms with Classic Style

Wicker furniture does not cost much. This is precisely the reason why the classics never go out of trend. Easily checks the box for sunroom ideas on a budget. Keep the paint brighter and lighter.

Keep the wall white with white trimming. The trim work may come a little expensive. With a 6-inch base trim and sheet-rocked walls, this sunroom will be nice. This can be built for under $500 bucks.

Traditional Sunroom Design

Traditional Sunroom Design

There is no doubt at all that spending time outdoors in the open air and sunlight is a lot of fun and mood refreshing but often the human heart and mind crave to spend some quality time indoors.

A traditional sunroom design is an absolute place for this purpose. Traditional sunrooms prevent the noise of video games, TV, and distractions from mobiles, and computers.

It is hard to avoid the bustle and hustle of daily life but having a dedicated sunroom in your house may solve the problem.

Be Funky with Your Sunroom

Be Funky with Your Sunroom

White trim with Gray walls and natural wood floors make a sunroom lovely. The use of bold colors perfectly and precisely makes a sunroom stand out from the rest. And to add some extra space keep some plants inside the room.

Plants are something you can not say no to while decorating a sunroom. Plants are furthermore cheap and beneficial to our health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is a 4 Season Sunroom Worth It?

Four-season sunrooms have enough insulation to keep you warm and comfortable all year round. These sunrooms have higher thermal resistance and thicker insulation, which means they can keep cold and hot temperatures outside. They tend to be made of stronger materials and have double-pane high-efficiency glass windows.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 12×12 Sunroom?

You can expect to pay between $80 and $230 per square foot for a three-season room and $200 to $400 per square foot for a four-season room. Taking $300 as the average per-square-foot cost of a sunroom that can be used year-round, the average cost of a four-season 12×12 sunroom is about $43,000.

What Is a Good Size for a Sunroom?

An 18-by-18-foot space should be roomy enough for a large couch, recliner, armchair, coffee table, television stand, and an end table. These dimensions are also a good fit for 42-inch television screens. For bigger screens, consider an 18-by-20-foot room or larger.

Is a Sunroom Cheaper Than an Addition?

Pros: Cost: Versus standard room additions, sunrooms simply cost less. Unless the sunroom is very large and has many high-end features, a standard all-season sunroom can cost thousands of dollars less than a room addition.

What Is the Difference Between a Sunroom and a Florida Room?

A Florida room is an enclosed room within the house, mostly towards the rear, with many windows to let in daylight and sunshine. Florida rooms are also called sunrooms. A lanai is a term frequently used in Hawaii to describe a specific type of porch.

Does a Sunroom Need a Foundation?

Generally, you will need a proper building foundation for your site-built sunroom, although some lightweight prefab sunroom kits can sometimes be assembled onto existing patio slabs or decks.

Which Is Better Screened in Porch or Sunroom?

If you want a space to keep house plants year-round, a screened porch isn’t it. A sunroom is the better option for keeping plants — and people — comfortable in the winter.

Do Sunrooms Count as Square Footage?

Sunrooms usually don’t get included in a home’s square footage total, which appraisers use to help determine home values. But a full-room addition will add square footage to your home and has a higher return on investment.

Does a 4 Season Room Count as Square Footage?

A 4-season porch (also known as an all season room or sun room) is a room that functions as an interior room, but allows you to take in the views of the outdoors year-round. It has permanent heat and is included in the finished square footage of the home.

How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Deck into a Sunroom?

How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Deck Into a Sunroom? From Pergolas to all glass Sunrooms, projects can vary greatly in cost, starting as low as $12,000 and going as high as $100,000. The cost will depend on the sunroom’s style and intended use.

Can I Build a Sunroom Myself?

These sunrooms go up quickly, require less permitting, are less expensive, and can often be built on a do-it-yourself basis. In some cases, they do not require foundations and can be built right onto an existing concrete patio slab or a sturdy ground-level deck.

How Much Is a 20×20 Sunroom?

Square Footage 3-Season Sunroom 4-Season Sunroom
8 x 8 $5,120 – $14,720 $12,800 – $25,600
10 x 10 $8,000 – $23,000 $20,000 – $40,000
14 x 14 $15,680 – $45,080 $39,200 – $78,400
20 x 20 $32,000 – $92,000 $80,000 – $160,000

Can a Sunroom Be Built on a Deck?

It is possible to build a sunroom on an existing deck, and it’s also often less expensive to do so! Maryland Sunrooms will work with you to transform your deck into a fabulous new sunroom the whole family can enjoy.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Sunroom?

How Long Will It Take to Install a New Sunroom? The amount of time to build a new sunroom for your home is typically quick — with completion times ranging from two to four weeks — but there are several factors that determine how long you’ll have to wait before being able to relax in your new living space.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 12×12 Screened in Porch?

How much does a 12 x 12 screened in porch cost? Since most screened in porches cost between 140 and 165 dollars per square foot, a 12 x 12 porch would likely cost between $20,000 and $24,000.

Can You Build a Sunroom on an Existing Concrete Patio?

It is possible to build a sunroom on an existing concrete patio, though there are some important considerations to keep in mind when doing so. These include ensuring that your patio is strong and level enough to support the weight of your sunroom, as well as verifying that your structure has proper drainage in place.

What Is the Difference Between a Sunroom and a Solarium?

A solarium is a type of sunroom addition that is made completely out of glass, including the walls and roof. Solariums can be heated and cooled with an individual room heating and cooling unit, giving you year-round use of your new space.

What Is the Difference Between a Sunroom and a Conservatory?

The first question is easily answered, a sunroom is basically a conservatory with a solid tile or slate roof and ceiling or to put it another way, it is an extension with lots of windows. A conservatory is basically defined as having a glass or polycarbonate roof, allowing more heat and light through.

Can a Sunroom Be a Bedroom?

Sunrooms can create a charming and livable bedroom space, but they significantly differ from standard lodgings. To turn your sunroom into a bedroom, you can optimize your space by keeping a variety of crucial elements in mind when making furnishing and decorating decisions.

Do Sunrooms Add Value to Your Home?

It can either be built from scratch, or it can be added by converting a patio or porch. By increasing the square footage of your home’s “livable” space, a sunroom will increase home value.

Is a Sunroom a Habitable Room?

A Category IV sunroom is considered habitable, so you’ll be able to add square footage value to your overall home.

What Is the Best Way to Heat a Sunroom?

The best sunroom heating method is radiant floor heating. Most sunroom heating solutions only work when the weather permits, while radiant heating works all the time, no matter how cold it gets outside. Plus, the installation process is much more straightforward than you might think.

What Is the Difference Between a 3 Season Room and a 4 Season Room?

The biggest difference between these two types of season rooms is the level of usage you will experience. A four-season room can be utilized all year long, while a three-season room does not have the same capacity to be heated and cooled and is, therefore, not usable space in too warm and too cold of climates.

How Much Does It Cost to Turn a Patio into a Sunroom?

If you want to convert a patio into a sunroom, expect to pay around $20,000 to $100,000. This project is similar to a deck conversion, but some patios may have an existing concrete slab that can minimize foundation costs. Structural components like walls, roofing, windows, doors, and insulation need to be added.

Do You Put Curtains in a Sunroom?

Sunrooms are designed for loads of natural light and unobstructed views. Curtains for a sunroom can be important too though, as there are times when privacy or comfort may override viewing, especially at night when there is little to see or a stormy day when you would rather feel safe and cozy indoors.

Should TV Be in Front of Window?

For those who want to know if they can put a TV in front of a window, generally it is best to avoid it. Try not to place your TV in front of or opposite a window, especially one that faces west. You want to cut down on the level of glare and the amount of light shining on the screen as much as possible.

Is a Sunroom Worth the Money?

While the average return on your investment of a custom sunroom is about 60 percent, some real estate experts estimate your return could reach nearly 80 percent, depending on the features and materials you use. Add value to your home by increasing the square footage of your living space.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Enclose a Patio?

For patios that do not have a built-in roof, prefabricated canvas-covered gazebos and canopies are good options. This is one of the cheapest ways to enclose a patio. They are built with metal frames that hold the canvas stretched above the patio.

How Do You Keep a Sunroom Warm in the Winter?

  1. Add a Ceiling Fan.
  2. Insulate the Walls and Ceiling.
  3. Baseboard Heaters.
  4. Add Weather Stripping Around Windows.
  5. Install a Separate HVAC System.
  6. Portable Heating Options.
  7. Extended Ductwork.
  8. Install New Windows.

Do I Need Permission to Build a Sunroom?

It’s important to remember that kit-built or modular sunrooms will need building permits as well as those constructed from scratch.

Do You Need Planning Permission to Build a Sunroom?

A sunroom requires a building permit.

Cost to Turn Screened Porch into Sunroom

Conversion Cost (Installed)
Screened Porch $8,000 – $50,000
Balcony $10,000 – $50,000
Deck $20,000 – $100,000
Patio $20,000 – $100,000

Turning Screened Porch into 4 Season Room

Converting a screened porch into a four season room requires the addition of insulation and insulated windows. Insulation will require reopening closed walls to add insulation to the knee walls, ceiling and underneath the floors.

Turning Screened Porch into 3 Season Room

Upgrading your screened porch to a three-season room requires the addition of windows. You can convert your screened por`ch by adding sliding window conversions such as an Eze Breeze sliding panel system.

Sunroom Vs Screened Porch

The difference is that a screened porch will let air pass through the room, giving you the feeling of being outdoors while keeping out the bugs. A sunroom is a roofed structure that is glass enclosed. A sunroom is more like your living room with a better view.

Can I Turn a Screened Porch into a Sunroom?

If your home already features a screened-in porch room, then converting your space into a four seasons room with glass panels is fast and simple. For many homes, most sunroom conversions can only accommodate a three-season room that you can enjoy during spring, summer and fall.

Can You Put Leather Furniture in a Sunroom?

Also try to avoid using leather in your sunroom, as leather will fade, dry and crack quickly without proper leather moisturizing maintenance. Wicker furniture is always a great option for sunrooms because it’s sustainable and durable.

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