All About Bedroom Best Fireplace Surround Ideas | What Is Fireplace Surround | Fireplace Surround Materials

All About Bedroom Best Fireplace Surround Ideas

Bedroom Best Fireplace Surround Ideas

Bedroom Best Fireplace Surround Ideas


Fireplace is one of the most important part in any of the room. It is the main focal point of that room. Fireplace can be installed in any of the room of your house.

We have seen that the fireplaces are made of bricks or stones with a wooden mental adorned. Those are decorated by paints or photographs.

In recent times, there are lots of designs are available for yo

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ur room. Your room design does not affect so much because there are lots of designs.

What Is Fireplace Surround?

What Is Fireplace Surround?

Fireplace increases the beauty of the room and along with this the surroundings of the fireplace also decorates the fireplace opening. The total area is known as fireplace surround.

Generally surroundings are made of different types of materials and comes with various styles, colour, sizes, etc. Some fireplace surroundings are very much critical and tough & some surrounding styles are very much simple.

You can install fireplace surrounding over a existing fireplace and it will completely change the outlook of the whole structure and the interior look of the room. Sometimes surrounding are completely places with the surrounded walls by bolts but it can be easy to change.

Fireplace surroundings help to protect the room and room user from extreme heat, spark and flames; so it not only for the decoration purpose but also it helps to protect the user. Sometimes it damages your property, that’s why install the fireplace according to the codal provision.

The good fireplace surrounding materials must be resist from heat and spark free because if you are installing wood burning or gas fireplace then make sure for that reason because those fireplaces generate lots of heat.

Keep it in your mind that the surrounding materials absorb heats too much and it will burn if you touch that material.

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Fireplace Surround Materials

Fireplace Surround Materials

The fireplace surrounding is acts as the extension of your room look and it will increases the beauty of your room, so make sure that the materials which you are going to use is perfectly match with your home design.

There are some fireplaces which are made of wood, bricks or other materials or sometimes some artwork or other paintings are used for decorating the fireplace.

But now a days, there are lots of variation in fireplace surrounding and materials, those are discussed in the following below-

Wood & Marble Bedroom Fireplace Surround

Generally marble gives you an elegant and luxurious look and the outlook will increase more when you do some customization.

Normally we use 3 marble slabs for the surrounding purpose and one for hearth extension purpose. The panelling work is done by white colour MDF boards or natural wood. It obviously increases the beauty of the house.

Bricks can be used in the inside portion of fireplace and it will create a good contrast with white marble. Sometimes it will produce a old vibe to your room.

Black Mantel With Gray Hearth

Black stone marble is very good combination with gray concrete surrounding place. It creates a traditional look in the dining room if you install there.

There are so many types of designs but fix that one which is perfectly match with home decor. Perfect combination of light will create a very beautiful and aesthetic environment.

If you do not like the black colour very much then pick those colour combination which induces the interior beauty.

Painted White Brick Fireplace Surrounded With Wood Mantel

Fireplace is a that type of place which plays an important role for looking. Keep it in you mind that make your design very simple. In this type of fireplace design we use painted bricks, it is very attractive with this combination.

Do not use white colour bricks in the fireplace because the colour will fade after sometime. Decorate your fireplace surrounding with special care.

Red Brick Fireplace Surround

Red brick fireplace surround is another great option and it is very much attractive. If you want to install old fashioned, rustic nature fireplace then you muct go with this style.

In this style the fireplace surroundings are made of wood. White mantel is a beautiful combination with red brick fireplace surround but it is little bit higher.

If there is reasonable ceiling height option available then you can utilise that space easily. You can install a shelf at that place which induces the beauty of the room.

Built In Shelves Around A Faux Brick Fireplace Surround

In this design faux bricks are used at the surrounding portion of the fireplace. At the first step we need to wrap up the whole surrounding portion of the fireplace surrounding by MDF, wood or crown molding.

The fireplace sides are customizable where you can install hidden switch box, gas or other chamber.

The total system is totally customizable so you can not buy that directly from the market. Sometimes you can buy some parts of that from the market. In this type of fireplace installing, skilled labours are required.

Cultured Stone Fireplace In The Kitchen

Cultured stone is man made product which is looking like a natural stone finish. The hardness of this type of stone is also very high.

Generally the fireplace is wrapped with other materials like cinder blocks, wood, stone and then the upper portion of those materials is wrapped with cultured stone.

Cultured stone is perfectly looked like natural stone, provides traditional decoration and it is placed with cement mortar.

Real Stacked Stone Fireplace

Real stones are sometimes called as stacked stones because the joint of this type stone is very tight. This is made of stone pieces which is mixed with mortar and then the overall product is created.

Real stacked stone fireplace installing is very much time consuming because you need to fix the stone one by one with special care. If you do not pay much more attention then there will be a huge agp and it create more problems in later times.

There are wide range of this type fireplace but you generally find it in the western culture. This is one of the best fireplace surrounding ideas among all other ideas.

Caste Concrete Fireplace With TV Above

Caste concrete fireplace is a very unique type of fireplace design. It is easy to install but the price of those materials are little bit costly that’s why the overall labour price is also higher than the usual oes.

Hooks can be easily installed on this type of wall and there you can easily fix your TV. This type of fireplace design is very much attractive with light grey colour background wall finishes.

Simple Wood Fireplace Surround Kit

Simple wood fireplace surround is another unique example where the surroundings are made of simple wood. The main hearth of fireplace is not made of wood and it induces the aesthetic beauty of the room. This design is a cost cutting design and saves money.

Fireplace Mantel Decor

It provides an elegant look to the room. It is very much lightweight and bright colour combination. In this design try to keep simple of your decoration.

Simple Concrete Fireplace Surround With Marble

It is a very common type of fireplace design and it has been used for long years. In this fireplace design simply concrete is used at first for the main structure.

After the main concrete structure, marble is used for the decoration purpose and it actually looks beautiful. Sometimes the beauty of the fireplace will increase if you fix the marble with match.

Elaborate Concrete Fireplace Surround With Marble

It is a very simple cast design of fireplace with variety of designs. Generally it is available in very simple design. The cost of elaborate concrete fireplace design with marble is also very reasonable, so everyone can afford it.

Bedroom Sheetrock Fireplace

The old fireplace can be covered with bedroom sheetrock fireplace design. It is very simple and cheap design & provides a clean look to the room user.

Painted White Brick Fireplace With Built Ins

This is another type of fireplace design which provides you an elegant design.

  • In this design, white coloured bricks are used which increases the beauty of the room.
  • This design combination is looking great with light colour wall background.
  • You can also build shelves at the surrounding place of fireplace.

Modern Stone Slab Fireplace Surround

Generally stone slab design is a very older type of design but in recent days there si a substitution for that and that is modern stone slab. This type of stones are very interesting looking and the durability of that is also high.

There are so many designs are available, so can pick any one of them. It obviously provides a better and aesthetic look to the room.

Carved Marble Fireplace Surround

It is one of the most beautiful fireplace surround design and it is used from ancient time. It is a premium quality design.

  • Many designs are carved on the marble and those marbles are used for fireplace surrounding.
  • The cost of the carved marble is also very high and the labour cost is also very high.

Marble Slab Mantel

It is very common and easy type of design. Here normal marble slabs are used to decorate. Generally we use ½ or ¾ inches slabs for this work purpose. The lifespan of this fireplace surrounding is also very high and it is cheap.

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Fireplace With Small Marble Tile Surround

It is similar like marble surround fireplace design.

  • The only difference is here the small sized marble tile is used.
  • The price of this design is not so much higher.

Marble Tile Fireplace Surround With Cast Concrete

It is other type of fireplace surrounding where cast concrete is placed at the first step. After that marble tile is placed over it. It is a compact and beautiful design.

Ultra Modern Black Fireplace Surround

Actually black colour is a very trending colour in recent days. Black coloured stones are used at the fireplace surrounding and it looking gorgeous with proper background.

Marble Slab Modern Fireplace Surround

It is almost same as marble fireplace surround. In this design some modern designs and architectures are available which are very unique. Marble slab modern fireplace surround is widely seen in recent days.

Stone Fireplace Mantel

Stones are very versatile materials that’s why different types of stones are available

  • This type of design is very durable and the lifespan of this also high.
  • The price range is not so much higher and almost everyone can afford it.

Outdoor Cast Concrete Fireplace Surround

This type of fireplace is generally for outdoor purpose.

  • The materials of this type design can bear any weathering effect and wear and tear, so the material must be durable.
  • Here, directly cast concrete is placed at the fireplace.

Real Stone Outdoor Fireplace

This is another type of outdoor fireplace design. In this design, real stones are used for surrounding purpose. The durability of this is very high and it can easily resist the weathering effect.

The price of this type of style is little bit higher because the stones, which are used, are higher quality.

White Brick Outdoor Fireplace

This is third type of outdoor fireplace design. Here, white bricks are used.

  • Generally red bricks are used for fireplace purpose but to decorate the place we can use this white brick.
  • The price of this is also reasonable, so everyone can afford it.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

In fireplace, we generally use normal stones but stacked is a cultured stone. It increases the aesthetic & elegant look and it is very eye catching but the price of this is little bit higher. It also durable like previous ones.

Stacked Real Stone Fireplace (Type II)

This is another type of stacked stone where the stones are very small shape. The other parameters are almost same.

Luxury Cast Concrete Fireplace Mantel

The name defines the premium quality of the fireplace. It looks elegant and luxurious. In this fireplace system the cast concrete blocks are placed at the fireplace surroundings. This is enough durable and it is most expensive fireplace design.

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Large Cast Concrete Fireplace Mantel

In this type of fireplace where large cast concrete is used. The durability of this is higher than the other types.

Marble Fireplace Mantel With Built In Shelves

In this type of fireplaces surrounding, shelves are also installed along with this.

Heat Resistant Fireplace Tile

This Is a very important and useful tile which can easily resist the heats which is coming from fireplace. Cracks are not appeared in this due to heat and it is less expensive too.

Black And White Fireplace

This is the final types of fireplace where the fireplace surroundings are decorated by black & white materials. In this type of design the materials used are marbles, stones, tiles, MDF, etc. It creates a unique and eye catching design And attracts the room uiser.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

What Is the Current Trend for Fireplaces?

Minimalist simplicity is a major design trend in 2022, so clean finish fireplaces are in high demand. Instead of bulky stone hearths or elaborate details, homeowners want fireplaces they can finish right up to the glass.

Are Fireplaces Tax Deductible?

Do all pellet and wood fireplaces qualify for the federal tax credit? The answer is no. In fact, most wood stoves, inserts and fireplaces on the Market do not qualify.

How Are Fireplace Surrounds Attached?

Many modern fire surrounds use a hidden fireplace fitting bracket. One bracket is fit to the wall, while a corresponding second bracket is screwed to the fire surround. They then simply slip together without the need for any messy looking screws around the edges.

How Much Does It Cost to Tile a Fireplace Surround?

For a typical tile installation, tile fireplaces typically cost between $600 and $1,200. This cost includes setting materials, grout, and labor. The cost per square foot to tile a fireplace might range anywhere from $10 to $125 per square foot.

How Hot Does a Fireplace Surround Get?

The Maximum allowable surface temperature is 117° F OVER ambient (room) temperature. Thus, if a room is 70° – 80° the exposed combustible surfaces immediately surrounding the Fireplace can have a surface temperature as high as 187° F. – 197° F. (Too hot to touch) and still be safe.

Does a Fireplace Add Value to a Home?

A homeowner can often recover over 100 percent of the expenses associated with adding a fireplace upon selling their home. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, adding a fireplace to home can increase the resale value of the home by as much as 6-12 percent.

Is It Ok to Leave Fireplace Burning Overnight?

You should never leave your fireplace burning and unattended overnight while you sleep. This represents a major safety hazard. A fireplace should never be left burning if it is going to be unattended in any capacity. This includes during the night while you sleep.

Fireproof Material for Fireplace

Some examples of non-combustible fireplace materials include sheet metal, cement board, tile, stainless steel and cast iron. These are often very expensive when compared to materials like brick or concrete block, but offer superior safety ratings in the case of an accidental fire.

Fire Resistant Material for Fireplace

The system’s fireplace boards are made of vermiculite; a material that increases the efficiency of fireplaces. The application of vermiculite in fireplace boards enables the boards to withstand high temperatures, due to the material’s noteworthy strength.

Do You Need Special Drywall Around a Fireplace?

Unfortunately, this is highly flammable and is not an appropriate or safe fireplace surround. The sheetrock had to be removed and replaced with any type of non-combustible surround – stone, tile, marble, or metal.

Do You Need Special Drywall Around a Gas Fireplace?

Drywall is considered a combustible because of the paper. You need to use something 100% non combustible such as wonderboard (aka Duroc) or micore 300.

What Wood Causes the Most Creosote?

Softwoods like fir, pine and cedar make more smoke, and therefore more creosote.

What Is the Most Fire Resistant Wood?

When it comes to fire-resistant wood, the king is Ipe wood, of course. As we’ve said before they don’t call it ironwood for nothing. If you have been through a fire and are in the process of rebuilding there are many solid reasons to consider using Ipe wood as siding, decking and fencing.

Can You Burn Fresh Cut Wood in Fireplace?

When a living tree is cut down, the timber needs to age or “season” for a minimum of six to nine months before burning. Freshly cut wood, called green wood, is loaded with sap (mostly water) and needs to dry out first. It’s hard to light and once you get it going, it burns very efficiently and smokes horribly.

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